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israelian BDS (boycott divest sanctions)

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Postby ricardo » Thu May 17, 2012 1:11 am

save for weekend rant fictional account ... but it's a dream lol...
cont -misguided supermodels desperately seeking new agent. for modeling contracts , movie deals etc... I dreamt last night. (she snored something awful)
I'd have her wear something nice in the movie . not so overt , or looking so ... broad shouldered. more subdued like the asymmetric grey dress.
(one shoulder covered.)
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:21 pm

israelian Jewish women , Versace or human rights ?
Cheshire cat smiles and much to do about nothing. again we see unity government, elections stalled. again the " ring hollow" threat to seek
nonmember observer status among/ from the UN . what are they waiting for ?
a gift pack of the movie ' roots ' ???

how many years the swan song of inequities , human suffering, must the Palestinian people endure.? especially the 25, million waiting to come home,
to Palestine , west bank , Jordan , the dead sea , golan, 67 lines. seems like decades . the same chronology of events. but observation wise. even the micro state .( virtual Palestine lacks sovereign ) the palestinian police have
their guns taken by the israelians.

:twisted: stop in the name of Cheshire cat smiles and a Starbucks from glitz row.

family's some west bank others gaza might as well be separated by a ocean.
they wait hours to cross checkpoints ...even to visit the holy land.
( their religion) holy land = inclusive term.

what rots is the same defeated negotiating team , ;)
( some w/ prior accomplishments) that made zero headway or progress w/ the rights of Palestinians is on the ' Iran negotiating team. ' eu ] if you or I were a coach what would you do ?

I do appreciate the somewhat nihilist comments, concerning a UNITY OF GULF STATES, acting as a NATO force. what was it GCSH ? gone chicken SH-- hunting?
than you will have a united juxitipostion Israel , unable to compel their particiapation in the middle east community. all but America seem able,
but not willing to accomplish this task.

hopefully , change from w/in Israel will enable this internal compliance . for the well being of the innocent people who suffer the most from geopolitical dissonance .
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:31 pm

here, now will be a teaching moment... informative tactics /strategy ROR [youtube][/youtube]
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