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beautiful baby - writer Darwinism .

This section is designed for foreign politics, outside the United States. The Black Vault serves many different countries, and this forum will hold threads regarding world politics, events, etc.

Postby ricardo » Wed May 02, 2012 12:03 am

pugilists duke it out. they fight to the finish. last man / women standing.

the aim is perhaps similar. to beat the other into an kind of submission.

it's goal to declare an position of righteous superiority.

social darwinistic traits among writers. we were there. we walked the walk.

and wrote what needed to be written, you ...never walked the walk,

but often you talk the talk. as if you have experienced life. been there.

seen the injustice and lived as one who suffers ; indignities, and unimaginable

horror . what gives you the right, to breathe the sanctified air of freedom ?
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 2:38 am

Ricardo's ' unthink tank ' will be posting writing assignments soon...
75% self motivated. your own leads and interviews. aprox 25 % assignments
or suggested extensions of your own work. business will be an evolving
concept. (format )

employment environment may resemble a kibbutz or dorm, accordingly our favorite twitteristas will be invited to ' nest ' for an week . (collaboration)
unstructured / informal workplace. interviews conducted almost entirely by video conferencing. location : undecided.

funding sources :
investments ?
country ( any) no control over content.

code of ethics . copyright 2012 Ricardo enterprises
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 4:11 pm

affirmative defense for entrapment. is weighted against defendants
in composition of inducement vs predisposition. the later being nebulous
and " subjective" predisposition characteristics read like thought crimes.
ideas or concepts never intended to be actionable . is sympathy for
voted/ labeled terrorist groups = freedom fighters ' by any other name' ...
predispose one to criminal terroristic behavior ?

consider a statement of support for what is considered armed resistance
could be to locals inferred as self defense of ones country. and , in a context
of statements in a crowd , bravado, bragging, more-often are haphazard in fact.

many times boosting to impress.( a motive) one caught up in a 'heated moment' 'conjecture' and 'peer pressure '(gang mentality) can be compelled out of duress. how easy , the content and purpose of statements can impair; intent, meaning and outcome.

to deprive a person of their liberty based on these emotional statements subject
to context, idiosyncrasies of syntax and metaphoric transition over time . is a equation for false conclusion.

parenthetically/ conversely, predisposition may include items that quantitatively , coincidentally, or through association are linked to criminality.
however , it is important to note this is not a science (fact) and,
therefore, has no place in modern jurisprudence except as a limited
investigative tool.
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