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iran watchers ... Is this real or "spin to win?"

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Postby ricardo » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:03 pm

I don't think so much aggression against Iran can result in meaningful negotiations
or diplomacy. I hope I'm wrong .

Iranian survival is at risk as demonstrated,
by the Arab juxitipostion via revolts.
and the bribes paid to their countries military,
to assure business as usual

honorable mention goes to israelian naked aggression and occupation of Palestinian land.

why is Israel allowed nuclear weapons ? is their right to exist any more justified
than irans ?

north Korea why no demands placed on their nuclear program ?

our president could be talking down a deep empty well.

does the rhetoric match the reality of events ? not all nuclear/ biological weapons require missiles for an delivery system. verification therefore might be impossible.

time for another false flag to stir things up ? (SARCASM)
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Postby ricardo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:57 pm

new terms for the redundant media / and govt .

IN SITU : ownership and maintenance of nuclear weapons ( third party)
for the safety and security of the Iranian people.

against esoteric threats - embargoes that threaten the populations survival
and well being. THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN has an right to enrich
to weapons grade material for defensive purposes.

the only thing worse than an nuclear armed Israel is the fact that it's not subject
to NPT signatory . and believes might makes right. example : Palestinian
land grabs. the occupation. off shore oil and gas grabs... what's next invade
mexico ???

all negotiations w/ Iran should be predicated w/ the knowledge that it is already
nuclear weapons able. than , discourse will be on equal footing.
perhaps, more experienced rouge states could add their input. pak - India
Russia . have you sealed deals X out Iran for continued isolation ?
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Postby ricardo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:03 pm

I see Iran as reactive to regional events, not aggressive openly.

for who among us hasn't promoted the orgie of our own military industrial

complexes amuck amid the tatterd flags of deposed kings and queens ?

what we can not accomplish in business , we turn into war. ?
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Postby ricardo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:58 pm

look my take is opinion. new / recycle ideas ok. I don't work for anyone.
peace is an goal. the folks that have been at it are not very good .
you know that.

millions dead. can I stop it / effect events ??? have I ever ? but , ya never
know. I believe contrary to many . one person can make an differance.

I love my country. not what it's become. it's great promise/ potential, it's a good cause something that makes life worth living.

the people 'you ' want to run govts . listen to ' people in the loop '
' people in the know ' what was the result. ? all should be heard concerning
peace ... all ideas ... you will in time revisit the same equation ... again ...
and again...

what motivates countries is not always synonymous w/ their public persona. and/or the will of peace loving compassionate people.

thus , mandates completely new ideas of social interaction. not media manipulation to convince people diet blah tastes better than diet blah !
sorry) or killing , silencing opposing view points because it's easy. saves lives
short term.

the cost of war under tyranny, is greater than the cost of peaceful revolt
against armed thugs who support despotism, tyranny, and cruel dictatorships.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:07 pm

some of you have no choice. your in my opinion writing about the wrong
countries. why /do tell have writers stopped writing about Israel ,
why doesn't their nuclear weapons make the news ? most issues are
redundant. why ? it's the safe zone. questioning Israel is off limits.

but having WMD weapons in difficult times, is to fellow hicks jus like having a
rifle in every home. ' you'll get it when you pry my gun from
my cold dead fingers ' or something like that.. the issue isn't about weapons . what are the concerns that make necessary prompting a man to draw his own weapon ? you all think it's because of ubiquitous ownership ?
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Postby ricardo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:30 pm

I never liked cheaters in sports . that takes away from the gift of the human spirit
personified in man. play fair and reap the rewards of friendship. it's a small
planet if you didn't already find out. I hope and pray we are on the same side. that is with the weak , sick, homeless , the victims of abuse man / women / child / refuegess ... what else is there ? the stability of powers and principalites ?

those languishing in prison whom spoke out against tyranny and oppression. prisoners of conscious , not lost under gods watchful eye , who no doubt are fullfilling his will. Bahraini in prison hunger protest . your not forgotten.

Palestinians in prison camps you are not forgotten.
victims of religious abuse you are not forgotten.

I also hope talks go well concerning the Islamic republic of Iran. why wouldn't
I ? than you can starve Korea into submission while china sits idly by.?

your in battles of moral equivalence. deal with it. play fair . mutual trust,
equal,respect . as the experts say.
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Postby ricardo » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:18 am

an consistent theme is nuclear nonproliferation in the world.

in my humble opinion , I'd like to see by way of mutual respect/trust


Israeli match irans inspections and join same NPT signatory/ inspections

aren't israelian nuclear weapons a fact ? have not former and sitting presidents

discussed this openly.? Did Kennedy ? could this be the reason for the blocked

minutes on the most recent tape release , as well ? what else could necessitate

this censure for national security, since the vast amount of classified material,

revealed by spy master John pollard , what remains ?

compassion/ goodwill/ peace
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Postby ricardo » Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:16 pm

been distracted by prox. battles of late . there is to be an delay or one month hold in Iran diplomacy concerning enrichment ?. I read net made some dispar.
remarks that Iran had a break to continue process. anyway . I think
this is by default an good way to apply more pressure on Israel to come clean
on their nuclear programs ...

please keep information flowing ...
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Postby ricardo » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:23 pm

should be israelian watchers...

feeds using native languages more . transparency and diplomacy is best.

spot light assignments for brave reporters/ objective journalist(s)

1)dimona ICBM early warning comunications towers built owned and operated
by Americans. said to only provide 2cond hand information to israelians.
public source.

2) investigative reporters, ending - israelian position of ambiguity. final
solution - reciprocal results... might help strategize later Iranian goals.
why are they under the gun. ?

3) public servants - redue direct interviews that confirm nuclear material and
bomb making . strategize for the goal of president Obama for an world free
of nuclear weapons. ( everyone's vision)
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:28 pm

looking for fesenjan recipes I came across a interesting legal case involving
Iran. and a lawyer( nasrin sotoudeh )

two things came to mind .
shakespeare and the Holy Koran and the Holy Koran won the day.

she recently withdrew her appeal . once convicted . Sentenced 11 plus license revocation 20years. amended sentence to < 6 years.(clarity sought) I noticed w/ great interest she was convicted on propaganda against Iran. and or threat to state security ( hope I got that correct)

it's not about her. the Islamic republic of Iran has responsibility under god,
in due governance of the safety and security of millions of people. my heart strings were played when I read her bio and (family information.)

why ask prominent outsiders for their influence , w/ internal matters of state ?
why are they not writing the person or persons who can pardon her infraction.?

I looked briefly and saw from a simple mans eyes, how it appears a just conviction. than , I saw the footnotes and read that BBC and AP press,
referred to her as a "opposition lawyer." what asses are these people?

it is if the press unknowingly convicted her.
the judge had only to listen. he did his job. but, in her defence,
she does not represent herself as this term." opposition lawyer " only outsiders
do. do these outsiders understand the islamic republic of irans devotion to
seeking justice ?

I wanted to see what the Koran says about defenders of the poor and oppressed,
nasrin is /was a lawyer , defender of justice before god.

realizing somewhat that this is for " people of knowledge " jurisprudence
in these matters .

I decided to read again from the (irrefutable sources )-
Holy Koran ; Hadith , and it spoke to me , " Allah protects both "
inshallah ke kheire !
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