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Postby ricardo » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:22 pm

I strongly disagree w/ this form of protest. I believe for Buddhists
spiritual enlightenment and perfection is an goal, and destiny is bound by
present events and our interaction w/ in this cycle of life.

karma is intrinsic to our nature , to our everyday lives. from the smallest common denominator, harmonious interaction and self determination carry an responsibility in our everyday existence.

when freedom is impeded it is natural to rebel against a authority.
as an show of unity and inner resolve , you choose an destiny not of the oppressors making. that is brave and commendable. the outside world in an connected environment will never understood why our battle ended in death (self immolation by fire)

maybe an goal is to traumatize and set into motion an future of events, a
recarnitve memory stronger than the oppressors.
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Postby ricardo » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:36 pm

to swim w/ the ebb and flow of sentient misery(want-desire) , and consciously
sow good works. implementing compassion and love must be an
path worth staying on. (not deviating) opinion.

death is an escape before rebirth or enlightenment. this method to me,
is extra ordinary and unnatural therefore although brave and politically
an weapon. how can this be in harmony with an natural life cycle ?
there is unity in words and passive resistance .

these acts appear futile, ( SUICIDE) = EGO DRIVEN ************
and an act of desperation. why does death 'inspire' when acted on
for ' political belief ' ? is this what nature intended ?

do the chinese care ? I can imagine they say ' one less '
when to preserve ones own life is to say ; " one more " for propagation,
and education beyond the borders. (land of snows)

these actions are referred by some in china as ' crazy ' so , it is their political
tool. preserve dignity and respect by preservation of culture . live !
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Postby ricardo » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:58 pm

massive unity exists in the Arab / Palestinian lands / many places and people suffer dispossession under brutal oppressive dictators. the force for change is possible in the spiritual acceptance of infinite possibilities ...contrasted by the finite sentiant obsessive desires of the chronically earth bound.

therefore the mind is an force for change no weapons can challenge.
death is victory for the oppressors. life is demonstratve of
renewal, hope , and peace. end this practice of immolation- negotiate.
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