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Treating Depression with the Oxytocin

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Postby ricardo » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:33 pm

arguably sociopathologists have acknowledged characteristics of individuals
whom are wacko functioning adults -( children too.) that demonstrate an
complete absence of remorse in committing heinous crimes, yet do feel, demonstrate, and possess feelings and an apparent normal range of emotions. this anomoly of compartmentalization makes detection and profiling
criminals difficult.

I believe this is called partitioning /compartmentalization ( I hate you spell check)examples have been cited in American literature that include, the subjects great concern for co- workers safety ( if real) and security . yet latter ,committing murders. complete strangers were fair game , but if you were a friend / or family member ,you were protected ( excluded) in other words perpetrators , demonstrated feelings for family members but completely negate the emotions - empathize w/ their victims while they committed crimes.

from an ecclesiastical point of view, in light of recent disscussions of sin , remorse ( dex ) etc... to consider, an more transparent detection technique for treatment, and discovery ( sin) and that is the appearance of and demonstrative aspects of EVIL. [lord forgive our sins, deliver us from 'evil' ]
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Postby ricardo » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:47 pm

a good read would be the banality of evil . see: "normalizing the unspeakable"

very depressing...

there is overwhelming evidence good socialization - church's

/ religious spiritual experience- can offer psychological healing equal and

if not exceeding pharmacologically alternatives. ( side effects profile a must read)

( positive psychology- talk therapy- good)
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Postby ricardo » Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:05 pm

I've always found it more simple to bunch Christians whom consciously sin.

choose to be sinners and continue to sin. the preponderance of evil. (opinion)

vs individuals whom predefined what is sin, and will not feel remorse for what

they do not know to be sin, by misguided rationalization. yet biblical history

has the majority sinners for life. therefore , not a great many of us

' born sinners ' , are not depressed , it may be their deliverance and redemption,

saved them from suffering illness. (OPN posit.)
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