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Sikh house of worship austin , Texas.

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Postby ricardo » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:31 pm

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Postby ricardo » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:48 pm

righteous brothers your cause is reasonable. you would make great neighbors.
your goal might be on appeal if new information comes to light. I'm sorry your
house is under demolition orders. ( religious discrimination ? ) I don't see
how in an neighborhood w/ trailers - mobile homes and horses ( sheds)

I'm speechless as to an reason property values would go down according to plaintiffs motion.-petition

homes ranging in price from 150,000 - 750,000 ? to the petitioner lawyer whom built at great risk in a mixed business R-2 neighborhood they took an chance in my opinion. and, should bear the brunt of how the cards are delt.
(chips fall) (few houses in the upper range.)

consider the delay when the case was brought and why an year after the B.C.
board advised you it was ok.

the specific covenats are majority rule and it was disingenuous for your
adversary to call the cops when you went door to door attaining signatures.
I've seen and viewed the businesses near your location ( stones throw) and wonder
if similar complaints were lodged against the earth /construction equipment/
work business ? go figure.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:58 pm

your rap music sucks , and doesn't help your cause in the little conservative
mixed zoning location you have decided to build. ( mixed zone does not denote race) but type of housing. and use. the case went from an ruling in AG favor
to an reversal. it will be interesting to see if S.C. does rule according to statue
of limitations ( intent vs actual use when services began) "services" intent may be
key. per case file.

in many communities throughout the united states , church's are considered

an asset not liability. they should be protected and preserved.

the SIKH stucture and property was appraised at 1.5 mil on less than 3

acres. properties range in size from 2/3 acres. among horse sheds, trailers,

mixed housing and various businesses. not excluding pigs , goats, horses , or

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