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Iranian legal system...can be appreciated better...

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Postby ricardo » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:26 pm

source- medical ethics in the Islamic republic of Iran .
b. larijani, f. zahedi, h. malek- afzali. ( historical)

Iranian legal system can be appreciated better if one views historical
medical ethics teaching. I see this as an way for orientalist preconceived
notions and values to rethink multiculturalism(the Iranian legal system) and enhance our god given collective stewardship of this planet. by way of ethics and the holy Koran .

" in the Islamic republic of Iran ethical issues are discussed among : physicians,
legal experts and religious scholars. the principals of bioethics and solutions to ethical problems are therefore derived from the Islamic legal rulings.
they are updated in the light of the holy Koran , the traditions of the prophet
of Islam , the consensus of scholars, and human wisdom or intellect. "

" Islamic Iranian culture essentially emphasizes , altruism, benevolence to fellow
human beings, seeking perfection, life after death, and association of a human being w/ god and the universe."

what I found most fascinating because "Islam places more emphasis on respect for all human beings" ( westerners- saddled w/ the orentalist mindset.) the " principal
of respect to autonomy " can be restricted for the public good, in certain
" situations "
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Postby ricardo » Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:36 pm

similarly , we may view American 1st amendment rights (ethos) speech,

assemblage , expression , in view of public harm ,imminent danger(inciteful)

and preservation of individual rights w/ in reason.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:05 pm

was supreme leader of Iran wrongly advised ? he's backing Syrian govt and states
that they resist israelians. I think he backed the wrong horse. he could be
allied w/ Russia and china yet disavowed assads actions against civilians.
the variables of that conflict are great.

Lebanon is on the border of Israel. they have done a few things of honorable
mention for Palestinian refugees. directly. magnanimity is best directed
( demonstrated) to the source ( subject ) not through proxy. god willing.
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