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egypts got pazazz (c)

This section is designed for foreign politics, outside the United States. The Black Vault serves many different countries, and this forum will hold threads regarding world politics, events, etc.

Postby ricardo » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:07 pm

sold out . sa paid the bill. NGOs free. you are owned. prove otherwise.

keep the pressure on Israel . my opinion...
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Postby ricardo » Mon May 28, 2012 12:09 am

wish I knew the answers. was carter and company disallowed from observing the final count. ?

a former Mubarak croney vs the popular Islamic brotherhood member.

is it disingenuous or gratuitus. to characterize ; should the brotherhood prove
victorious , and in meeting the isralian leadership , it's tacit to a recognition
of israel , it's goals and methods ? or was that implied, something he should do?

perpetuate this felonious concept , and he may lose the runoff. lol.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:37 am

Moz may have it right. Well done . First people to visit !were demonstrative of a
Strong independence from amerigringo.

When the devil came a knockin. Amerigringo visits . Went to see what the immediate graft Payoff. Post revolt got us (israel - America )
Tomatoes ? " you say tomatoe , I say shut up ". Heheheheh sorry couldn't resist.

I think the neocons are going to be disappointed. that was then ,
This is now. Than came "THE MOZ " lol . He said , he will respect the peace
Treaty w/ Israel if they do as well. That said . It's moot. The israelian s
Are so out of compliance.

think the payoff was too early. besides the Saudis counter balanced.
Just maybe the have integrity. but , will put the cash to good use .

I've been using this site as a blog, plan to ship out if or when asked .
I'm looking for a good site. That's liberal respects 1st amend. like here.
guys give me a heads up e -mail or direct . Reason- I can better control my content Thanks.
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