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photo journalistic obsolescence ...

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Postby ricardo » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:07 pm

there is no point. your society no longer functions as an unique symbiotic
benevalant species. it is redundant parasitism .

photo journalism became lost when they sold themselves out and agreed to be imbedded w/ American troops. Kuwait , Iraq, etc... tempted my precious ? who could refuse an armed security escort from the most powerful military on this planet ?

but sell out your profession you did. now it's open season on journalists.
the dictatorial , fascist society , can not allow you to operate. no one is remains
to hold these hostage taking , war criminal gangs responsible . no one cares
because less news is more time spent on the latest tabloidesque story.
and no reporting means zero accountability.

wars faught - lost or won by corporate mercenaries . I'm sorry to report that
life is so detached from war in contemporary American , photo journalism is nothing more than an cable click away from wheel of fortune . on expensive
sat cable programming , if your content were to run, it will capture
less than 25% of its intended market.

pull out I say. war crimes are not prosecuted on this planet. look at israelians
it's common knowledge to cover that atrocity is an career killer. if not for real.

your out manned by satellite surveillance and cell phone citizen journalists.
does anyone care to read about atrocities besides network producers who
continue to sell the junk bonds of sensationalism ?
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Postby ricardo » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:20 pm

any news agency whom sends employees, journalists etc... into war zones
where atrocities are being committed , and have knowledge their employees
have been told they would be targeted , should be diminished. by all, legal,
necessary means . to assure future safeguarding of employees.

to act as an deterrent to unscrupulous vendors of tabloidesque news media,
whom think an waver is all that is required to keep their end of the bargain .

basically if you know someone is going to leap off a building and do nothing to prevent this, an offense has occurred . Syria is this building.

war journalists are targeted because they are a click away from recording
war crimes or an law suit. why let you live ?
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Postby ricardo » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:27 pm

for journalism to survive it must disavow governments and never embed.

distance itself from commercialism.

link and be available to the lowest common denominator ...

news available to all- void of outside influence.
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