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Poor America - P a n o r a m a [B B C]

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Postby zoltan2 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:15 am

Right in the good old USA Land of the Free and Freedom

Poor America - P a n o r a m a [B B C] - Broadcast Date: 13th February 2012

With one and a half million (1.5 million) American children now homeless, reporter Hilary Andersson meets the school pupils who go hungry in the richest country on Earth. From those living in the storm drains under Las Vegas to the tent cities now springing up around the United States, P a n o r a m a finds out how the poor are surviving in America and asks whatever happened to the supposed 'government' and the Real People in charge - those who you 'don't see' pulling on the strings; and their vision and welfare for the country. ... r_embedded
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:54 am

Odd that no one has responded to this post.......

Anyway I think Gordon Duff took this on, almost immediately. I'm positive that his response would generate some buzz..........I could be mistaken, maybe his work has to do with something else entirely.

I'll go back when I get the chance....some here would simply love his thoughts on this matter. ;)

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Postby bionic » Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:15 am

let's face it..the exconomy of the wolrd is in trouble..nit just ours
it has been in has miraculously.. held off an all out depression..amazingly

it's an election year and I am sure that jpns and the economy will be the main issue debated it get's to the main race for pres
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:54 pm

B................THE PROBLEM IS TWO FOLD.
1 It's purely a manufactured event
2 For the first time in a long time the PTB are having second thoughts.

Banks are innocent in all of this...How do I Financial IMF...Those who set policy, policy that has no basis. Fake money, fictitious leverage..............yada yada yada...

Much has to do with Gold.............any ideas ............How much physical Gold....Gold that one can actually pick up and stick in their much do you think really exists against all the paper sold on it's behalf???????????

THINK that's a real number!!!!!!!!!??????????????

What if it isn't? What if that was all just another well thought out ruse!!!

What are they really guarding down there @ Ft Knox!!! ;) ;)

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