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Iran watchers 2.2

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Postby ricardo » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:17 pm

Iran - quid pro quo... Israel must realize. as an perceived threat though right or wrong, the objective is not only to diminish and deny Iran nuclear capability,
that is(their) an 'inherent right' but to send an clear and unambiguous message.
to other aspiring actors whom seek the limelight/ and to share the dubious stage
w/ other hegemonic nuclear bullies.

there are only two ways of accomplishing this goal of communication of intent.
1 ) join nuclear nonproliferation treaty . reduce to zero by example.
2) bunker busting tactical nuclear weapons w/ salted amendments that "delay and deny" military use ' for years' agents that fall under the threshold of nuclear/ biological agents.

again . the ball is in ' play.' ? due to ' threat ' by mere ownership. soft terrorism.
ownership by messianic esoteric and fanatically paranoid individuals. former intel chief is correct to present legal amendments into law limiting the few,
whom appear to control the many.

perhaps Israel should attempt there own drawdown and negotiation w/ Iran.
before things escalate and harm innocent human beings.

this velvet terrorism is fueling proliferation and it my extend into chemical weapons. like those used on Iran in the Iran Iraq conflict.
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Postby ricardo » Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:09 am

I would like to see traction on an 'Shimon Peres ' direct to Iran -

'peace diplomacy initiative' there must be break through direct

negotiations between the two superpowers that treat each other w/ mutual

respect and as equals.
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