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dear blue bra girl, please send ' blue bras ' to S.A.

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Postby ricardo » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:34 am

the women of Saudi arabia. it will be interesting if women in Saudi arabia realize
anything beyond their borders. that is women have rights. the right to dignity and self determination. once earned in hostile environments tend to remain. rather than gifted by masters. they belong to you." men can have nothing but what he strives for " sura 53:39 and " men shall have benefit of what they earn, women shall have the benefit of what they earn " sura 4:32

formerly banned from working in lingerie shops. women were deterred by an fatwa issued by religious clerics. least of all...embarrassed by purchasing undergarments from men. the issue was challenged by an successful Facebook
mobilization and protest. called : " enough embarrassment."

king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has wisely , by royal decree issued orders (legal rule) that women can now sell women's undergarments and to ditch the men.
though empowering to women in the self determination and dignity department,
and adding some 50,000 women to the work force. these actions are certainly a case of reverse discrimination. I suppose they could all get jobs driving women to work. especially because of the outdated laws on the books that prevent women from driving. lol...
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Postby ricardo » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:39 am

it is one thing to have goals...yet another to have the ability and means to achieve them. again , Saudi Arabia , the only country in the world, to not allow
women to drive. how desperately , change is needed in advancing independence
with in the guiding principles.
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