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New discoveries about Comets being possible Alien Bases

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Postby Wayworld » Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:41 am

Just recently the Deep Impact probe captured amazing pictures of a Comet discovered in 2004, Comet Hartley 2.
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The distributed photos were typical tiny & blurry (some were large and blurry). Using two enhancement programs and resizing over 1000% in some cases I have been able to bring to light information previously obscured. The enhanced pictures show the comet as being high heeled shoe shaped with structures built on the "toe" and the "heel" while the arch area is relatively smooth. The toe area is the Coma end while the heel area is larger and contains most of the structures and at least three nozzles which are spraying a jet plume. The nozzle areas are not out-gassing because of sunlight. The "toe" section contains two large ramp style Saucer launch pads, one of which hosts a large well lit saucer! Among the buildings and nozzles a large crane-like structure is visible. The smooth wall or "arch" of the shoe does have interesting shadows indicating some manufacturing of the surface and possible entrances or view port areas.

I put a video together on youtube

PS- Many more rocks in space host homes for whatever "they" are.
Space photos are getting less detailed by computer software. Soon all public photos will be totally fictitious. Space science as we think we know it will stand still, perhaps even take giant leaps backward.
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