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Martian vegatation

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Postby greywolfe » Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:07 pm

Sorry if I'm going over old ground but I've not seen anyone discuss the "Black rocks" on the surface of Mars with a view to proposing them as living organisms. From space many of the pictures of Mars seem to reveal patches of vegatation that really look like forests or areas of growth. These same areas when viewed by the Spirit rover on the surface, show only black rocks amongst mainly light coloured boulders. Its only when the black rocks are viewed from altitude that they take on a "Living" quality. Have these black rocks been overlooked. The patterns from above do indicate a spread as might be expected from living things. Could organisms be present on the surface of these rocks or perhaps they are similar to coral reefs on Earth. Whatever the explanation is, the orbital images remain a stunning and believable vista of an organic colony of some kind. Any views please.............
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