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Freedom of Information Act

Lack of Research

Come in to discuss your experience and troubles with the FOIA. Let everyone know what you are researching, and how you are doing!

Postby magonia17 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:41 pm

Throughout a 10-15 year period, I under took research into the UFO and intelligence activities.

My main source used was various sources (which could lead to a paper trail) and the US FOIA. I obtain quite a considerable amount of valuable information via the FOIA, if you know where to look.

Unfortunately now, the quality of the research isn't proving very effective, and is undermined by outlandish conspiracy theories and beliefs, therefore muddying the waters.

There are very few effective and credible researchers now, many of the researchers are trying to prove a belief or a point of view, they are not trying to analyze the information they obtain to provide conclusive objectives. Unbiased analysis is needed.

Unfortunately, the commercial elements come into play, and if unproved and conspiratorial information sells, then in is more so people will produce such information for financial benefit.

The intelligence services are glad the quality of some of the research is poor, they are misleading many into misinformation and disinformation beliefs. So the games continue.
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Postby magonia17 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:38 pm

Well it seems with all my efforts to contact various individuals to file a Access to Information act request for records pertaining to Tracks of Interest (which would be released since they were generated on the Canadian system) and Unknown Tracks (equate to UFOs), no one has taken up the challenge. It seems no one is interested in how USNORTHCOM is defending the airspace of Canada and the United States, nor the number of unknown tracks or object that are detected in US and Canadian airspace. Maybe people are mostly interested in bizarre and some what improvable encounters, some of which are probably disinformation and misinformation. Or frankly the "sheep" mentality. There is also a problem with researchers, is the lack of cooperation and seemly some are more interested in self gratification concerning any positives that result in their research, it is rather childish, but a problem never the less. It is known some spend a great deal of time trying to prove something rather than finding the facts, or bickering amongst themselves, a constant and unsolvable problem, this is why I'm an independent researcher with no connection with any group or organization.
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