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Kryptos K4 Solution - Chivalry is not Dead

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Postby Kamikaze » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:53 pm


Kryptos is a Cryptogram text with a hidden meaning, K4 is the last unsolved portion of this cipher, we will be solving. Our special solution involves the examination of "K1 and K4" which have the letters "DM" near the end of each of these sections. "DM" is a phrase found on the "Shugborough Inscription".


This is where the Shugborough Inscripton is actually located on, below the carving, we will resolve both interpretations under the same context.

(K1 = 11 Letters Per Row, K4 = 14 Letters Per Row)

K4 is principally in view, notice when Organized into rows of 14 (or 11 for K1) we obtain the letters "DM" at the very end when we apply a general graph against the Cipher. Highlighted are the letters "DM " for our association to the Shugborough Inscription, to demonstrate proof of design and an shared resolution.

SOLUTION - K1 Words Obtained by Groupings
1. Shut, Runt, Fume
2. Bind, Hind, Find, Kind
3. Fury, Jury, Lard
4. Martyr, Valkyrie (extrapolated)
5. Revived (extrapolated), Med
6. Qty (Quantity)

Phrase: They were shut up, and bound fast by the fury of the Judgment. The Martyrs were claimed, and the Valkyries lost their strength. In the Might and Majesty of his coming, a portion resurrected before the earth.

SOLUTION - K4 Words Obtained by Groupings
1. King, Book, Life, Blinker, Looker, Finger, Sinker, Ringer
2. Toss, Foot, Soot, Booz, Fox
3. Skull, Tug, Hug
4. Bud, Bus
5. Pig, Fig, Paw, Up, Zig
6. Bang, Fang, Hand, Band
7. Yea, Peak, Vary
8. Captured (extrapolated)

Phrase: The King of Shame, poked a hole in the earth, with the Book of Life. A great Tree grew, and ontop a sacrifice for the redemption of sin. The Slain Sacrifice Shrouded the earth, and took them up in a net. (Nibiru)

What is the DM association to the Shugborough Inscripton?

Kryptos proves to us, that real solution, is not the elaborate writings we see around the internet. It is much more simple ... The Shugborough Inscription, and we can and have made the conclusion that it's physical language. Now the letters can represent a Celestial Process, not a language necessary but a diagram:

1. 0 = Celestial Body like Comet ISON
2. U = Perihelion
3. 0 = Celestial Body like our Sun
4. S = The design is like a serpent or a special pattern like the Cosmic Shift
5. V, A, V, V = These represent Pyramids, or 4 major sequences in the Cosmic Shift Pattern. A, doesn't belong = Euthanasia. V, Black Sun. V, Nibiru White Star. V, Earth Encapsulation. Now, we must be careful about having a uniformed interpretation ... V, Blue Flash. V, Black Sun. V, White Star. Comet ISON could give off a blue flash. Now lets try this ... V, Black Sun. V, Red Universe. V, White Star Nibiru. What is more correct? each of the "V" reference a Celestial Body if so then, COMET ISON IS ONE COLOR, THE SUN IS ANOTHER COLOR, AND NIBIRU IS ANOTHER COLOR. The Universe does not apply to this interpretation.

We must keep watch ...
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