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Postby ricardo » Sun May 06, 2012 3:35 pm

part one of the negotiations in my opinion, involve,
acceptance of irans right of enrichment under strict guidelines and oversite of nuclear regulatory bodies.because this is irans right under international law.
what is negotiated ? a mirage in the desert , has the potential to hide,
a sandstorm in the making...

later i believe , the negotiations will attempt to link the falsity
of an given right under N.P.T. leading w/ the facade that enrichment activities were never acceptable. restated, 'we accept your right to enrich nuclear material.' ' so essentially , we gave you something ...( a right under nuclear reg. agencies) , that is not ours to give in opening talks...(hint-remember trading in stolen horses.) now, give us something in return. total access and israelian safety and security. above all else ,overshadowing greater regional needs and nuclear non-proliferation goals. in my opinion a key point to consider for an equitable resolution to N. P. T. issues.

Don't acquiesce to "conflict resolution." this is tangential, and
rewards israelian bad behavior. like , extrajudicial assassinations ,
embargoes that harm your citizens, and continued aggression
against the Palestinian people. from which they are not remorseful
or seeking any absolution. like an good neighbor should. right baby ?

indications of the well being between nations.
international relations are in complete reciprocity of existence.
direct negotiations and diplomacy are active. embassies and envoy's shuttle.

that being said, look at israelian past agreements , it's their 'modus operandi'
of future attempts at what they call...diplomacy. all are comprised of
non-aggression pacts that leave military interventionism intact.

ideally , one can aspire to achieve dipolmatically. unilateral and focused
stated goals of regional stability and non- proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. the initiative of the united states president Barack Hassein Obama .

disturbing treads have been revealed , as an additional source dissonance in
the negotiating process. 1) weakening Iran through acts of war. (embargoes )
2) assassination of Iranian scientists, at home and abroad.
3) dilution of the original goals of the talks. in a attempt to link a
non- aggression pact / or memorandum of understanding ,
that Iran is responsible for israelian well being from all external threats.

those include the trifecta . Hamas, Hezbollah , brotherhood . later,
radical Islamists , and the bedouin seeking rights in the sinai peninsula. Iran conceivably will be libel for everything . by interpretation of israelian law.
and well...that could mean anything.

like a good relationship sometimes introductions are necessary, other times ,
intermediaries cloud issues. I'd be accepting of israelian 3rd party attempts,
at diplomacy. but I'd try for direct negotiations , and I'd separate issues of regional goals w/ that of selfish motives of the few, to the detriment of all.
china understands this concept...
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 4:42 pm

if Japanese survivors of the atomic bombs, iranian survivors of

gas/ chemical attacks , and Jewish survivors of the holocaust, ever decided

to get together to discuss , war- and peace and everything In between ,

I'm sure the people that inhabit this world, could hear a pin drop.
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 8:59 pm

variables that have a profound impact of middle east outcomes .
the calculus of the Islamic republic of Iran.

1) largest 'Islamic' banking center in the middle east. (unconfirmed by me)
2) huge gold reserves.
3) one of the oldest living civilizations on earth.
4) stock market was one of the best performing in the world.
market capitalization . 2002 to 2011.

many many retirement funds in American retire portfolios were harmed
By the usa govts divestiture mandates . investments had to be pulled from Iran,
and reinvested elsewhere.

some data cribbed from public sources such as highly regarded revand institute
IRAN (think tank) - AIC as well.
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 17, 2012 2:01 am

sanctions against the middle easts largest Islamic banking system,
by Amerigringo and her allies. have grave implications beyond the public
discourse of Iran. for many Arab countries / predominately Muslim countries are
effected by these political moves . (other than Iran )

these sanctions are an blatant act of undeclared and radicalized war.

link israelian presumptive ownership of nuclear weapons to the talks...

that's creative diplomacy !

Spain, Greece worsening banking crisis - be a player for Palestine help save the middle east. leave the EU - zero political clout ...until now. pure economics ? bull !] to the American and allies . reciprocity means equal expectations all around. Iran shouldn't concede it's rights of enrichment. confidence maintaining -reciprocal continuous monitoring- becomes a tactic. ( see israelian nukes )

if , israelian lack of transparency on their nuclear program and ownership
of nuclear armed missiles is illuminated / brought to light
and given equal scrutiny as Iran. that will be a game changer .
end this hypocrisy.

israelian nuclear programs are the premier exoteric threat ; to peace , stability, and confidence building measures, that will promote and encourage, middle east peace and nuclear non - proliferation goals in the region.- end hypocracy.

at the very least Israel could proactively admit and publicly declare their
ownership of nuclear weapons ( by official means) and by doing so , add to the
possibility of duel monitoring .that is - IAEA monitoring of both Iran and Israel .
open transparent and equal.

why is Israel treated w/ preferential treatment on these matters ?
how can we be considered impartial arbiters and brokers of
fundamental fairness when we have chosen a special status
of one people's well being over another ? is this justice ?

what do educators teach their students of history and politics ?
might makes right ? that the good people of Iran are inherently evil ?

wanted : Jewish models to wear/ demonstrate BDS ( boycott/divest/sanctions)
israelian TEE SHIRTS .
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Postby ricardo » Wed May 23, 2012 9:28 pm

Israel - they never appear to be appeased w/ much of anything . I think the negotiations have possibilities. remember , initially it was said , reciprocal
w/ in the framework of NPT.

I believe reasonable accommodation can be reached , by Israel ending its program of nuclear ambiguity. and , becoming signatory to NPT. this would be a game changer for the regional stability.

if israel were held to the same or equal standards that are placed on Iran.
(non withstanding the humiliating and cruel sanctions that embitter the Iranian people and government.) this does not mean that israel will have to give up
nuclear weapons right away.

remember , her ally is the strongest military in the world. the Americans. ( the ahmadinejad comments were taken out of context, misinterpreted ,
or are not valid official policy. and thus I question educated
twitterers reiterating the improbable conjecture of imminent threat)

what countries stand w/ irans rights under NPT ? and equal scrutiny of Israel ?
India and pakistan non signitories who are next in line , add nothing to this important rhetoric. you are next , you do know that I hope. why don't you get your foot in the door? you portray your countries as second class citizens to the world. you do have a dog in this fight. south Korea hell bent for attention...
no multi tasking here ?

just sanctions and starving people to death . well, I guess BG has it right .
feeding the hungry tiger . glad to see Iran second the overture.

Obama and his team have a incredible oppourtunity for a people to people outreach with the Islamic republic of Iran . and that is to give a heads up to the appeals court to overturn the ' victims terrorist act ' -allowing for the sale assets of countries w/alleged links to acts of terrorism - irans history / heritage . the Persepolis tablets - the artifacts that dipicted early Persian history. and has nationalist implications. may be sold OTC !

what a supreme gesture of kindness
and humility to show the world that people and their history matter.( attempts were made to protect Iraq artifacts and many returned) they are in a Chicago
museum. (Iranian artifacts )

it would be like, - [ a dichotomous unilateral act w/ in the framework ] maybe some creative way of modifying the terr act / compensation of victims , to exclude international artifacts that are cultural heritage protected by international law.

the Palestinians feel it too. the nakba and resultante confiscation of artifacts and books from Palestinians expelled from their land from 1948 to present. by israelian occupying and colonizing imperial forces. ( the israelian armies)
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Postby ricardo » Wed May 23, 2012 9:38 pm

week end rant continued esoterically, via the neural network over last week.

wonderful and incredible developments. a written account of the holocaust ,
completed ( translated into Farsi ) delivered to the Islamic republic of Iran.
ebook anyone ? that's cool.

also , Qatar is allowing women to compete in the olympics for the first time. that's progress. recently hosted the king of SA . show me your friends and you depict something of yourself ? share progress in other words. god willing.

confusion in need of clarity -Amerigringos are supporting dictatorial governments juxitipostioned regional allies and oppositional. huh ? so ,are they now defined
in military parlance "situational allies " ? you heard it here first. on the black vault .

Afghanistan and Pakistan . I officially w/ out authorization make public apology
to the Pakistan government for the military incident that involved American
engagement that necessitated and evolved as a temporal event ,that do to a lack
of communication , resulted in the unfortunate deaths of Pakistani citizens.

I figure tank tops and regular v neck- t shirts long sleeves as well . will read:
[free Palestine - boycott- divest- sanction Israel ] reverse will show the classic land map of the reduction of Palestine -due to the colonization of israliean bee hives- land grabbing - to trade in stolen horses- for later deals in the dead of night. that was wordy.

i think blends maybe 60/ 40 material would be good .
copyright the concept and throw in a microbrew made possible by SBA loans.
BDS beer wouldn't that be cool ? map and descriptor on the label. the shirts might be made and printed up in Pakistan as a development project . a soda pop
made In Palestine but a beer elsewhere . hahahaha . halal compliant . :naughty: colours ? tie dye definitely . I'm sure someone else has the BDS idea out there in idea land but the beer and soda ... no way . that's a game changer.
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Postby ricardo » Wed May 23, 2012 11:00 pm

key point . to be in parity and equalibrum in the regional middle east non proliferation equation. Irans position could evolve to egress / leave the
NPT treaty after the 3 month notice is given if NPT IN A REGIONAL CONTEXT IS
NOT ADDRESSED. under duress who knows ?... remove sanctions.

the IAEA meeting minutes (April) - Iran comments on nonproliferation
will be linked at a later date. ref material below.

a must read- statement by H.E. MOHAMMAD MAHDI AKHONDZADEH
Islamic republic of IRAN


jus google it - ' fars news agency full text of irans statement at preparatory...'
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 26, 2012 12:06 am

Hans blix formerly of IAEA reiterates obamas concept and possibility of a nuclear free zone in the middle east . Hans brilliantly posits, Israel would have to come clean. in other words,for a anti enrichment environment, give up their ambiguity and admit ownership of their WMD / nukes... small price to pay to live in a quiet nuke free neighborhood. (everybody gets monitored ) Hans discussion /(input) 2:18

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Postby ricardo » Sat May 26, 2012 12:25 am

Ricardo's modifications would be 20 % for every one. and, total immersion =

reciprocated monitoring and transparent surveillance . however , if their were

a fuel bank 20% would be available for known - non military use -to all parties.

wasnt this done before and Iran was denied the fuel ? who would be the bank ?

will Israel mature from esoteric messianic passions and ww2 nightmares of

holocausts, long enough to realize survival is being a part of a larger community

of other people who desire to live. ? ( other countries and races )
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:23 am

observations. - 20% enrichment by right. aknowledged rights by IAEA,

reciprocal inspections and transparency Israel . sign NPT . join.

IAEA admit nuclear weapon equipped Israel . invite supreme leader to America

and israel leader (net ) break deadlock . this is too important.

churches were doing conversions of faith ? in America Muslims under
security watch and surveillance . ( reported ) sounds like a tit for tat play.
except conversion by apostic means is against Islam . it's their country .
their rules. internal matter. if these are facts.

GCC security alliance ? try codifying laws and bringing them up to date.
it's possible shia and Sunni jurisprudence could consolidate criminal and civic
laws. this would bring so much to the table of a shared ' union of nations' / states.
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