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An Icelandic Loch Ness Monster ?

Sightings of bigfoot, lake monsters around the world, and the chupacabras are just some of the many cryptozoological stories on the rise! Although many of these stories are controversial - some have evidence that defies belief.

Postby SWRanger » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:29 pm

Does the fabled Loch Ness monster of Iceland really exist?

Scientists are skeptical. But a new video alleged to have captured images of the monster has gone viral online, raising the debate over its existence anew.

The video was shot Feb. 2 by local resident Hjortur Kjerulf and then posted on the website of Icelandic broadcaster RUV. The footage shows what looks like a creature slithering through the icy waters of the Jökulsá í Fljótsdal river in east Iceland.

The alleged monster, known as Lagarfljótsormurinn, Iceland’s version of Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, has been a part of Icelandic folklore since 1345.

The story goes that the mythical creature has lived in the 25-mile long and 376-feet deep Lagarfljót lake ever since a young girl who wanted her ring to grow placed the ring around a tiny worm. When she returned, the worm had grown and, frightened by it, she hurled the worm into the river where it grew into the now legendary Iceland Loch Ness monster.

While the sighting is intriguing, experts doubt that the footage is real.

Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, who has researched and written a book on the Icelandic creature, believes the new video is a hoax.

“Frankly this video shows something that looks like a constructed snake-like object, with rigid sections, being propelled through the water,” Coleman wrote on his website, Cryptomundo. “From the movement on the water’s surface, it would have to be something other than a mammal, like a giant worm, a reptile or a fish.”

The last sighting of an unusual creature in Lake Lagarfljot, according to Coleman’s website, was in 1998, when a group of schoolchildren and their teacher claimed to see one close to shore.

Other experts believe this most recent sighting of a supposed creature is really a collection of discarded fishing nets that have been shaped and pulled together, according to the UK’s Mirror.

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Postby cormac » Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:38 pm

i don't know if it's a 'tangled fishing net' as the newscaster says 'experts' say later in the short clip (ya know, they always gripe when conspiracy theorists say 'they' as in 'they' are responsible for this that and the other ... yet the news always, constantly in fact uses the non-descript 'experts' pronoun the same way and they say it derisively like it closes the case right then and there because they just said 'experts' ... it's no damn different ... sorry went off on a rant there) ...

anyway, the footage shows at first what looks like an alligator head coming thru some very slushy water ... they as it changes angle you can see it's separated into regular length sections of some sort ... there are small cylindrical shapes that run perpendicular (basically) to the length of the serpent-like body ... perhaps floats? with someone underwater hidden by the slushy ice on top? it 'slithers' thru the water so i don't think it can just be a line pulled from the shore ...

but as they used to say in South Park 'I call SHENANIGANS!!!'

i say it's a fake ... but a pretty good one ;)

(hearing them say 'worm' reminds me of the 13th Warrior ... the FireVerm lol ... cool movie :) still like it)
take care :)

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