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Racial and Religious Discrimination / Stereotyping

Hunt for Israeli spies in the USA is accompanied by hunt..

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Postby Victorh » Wed May 14, 2014 5:35 am

Hunt for Israeli spies in the USA is accompanied by hunt for Jews in Ukraine.
I quite understand now strong desire by population of south-eastern Ukraine to live separately from rest of the country ruled by nationalists. They hate Russians, they hate Jews, those nationalists of the "Pravy sector" and they are ready to do really scaring things for sake of "pure Ukrainian nation" in the Ukraine.
Week ago I was staying in Kiev, where my sister Mary lived and where she died. I had to leave Israel for Ukraine, Kiev, to settle some related to her death issues, to sell the flat she had lived in and other things. Sure, this is not the best time for such things but there are some time terms for such things you know. I just had to go.
Ye really, this is not the best time to visit Ukraine when your face is just typically Jewish, Those nationalists, they don't think much before striking you in the face or spitting you in the face or just shout "Beat'em up, the hooknoses!" and chase you along the street in broad daylught!! Fortunately I escaped by running each time. I can run very fast you know. It was like a nightmare!
I hear "Pravy sector" is financially supported by USA where they've recently started sort of hunt for "Israeli spies" and I saw hunt for Jews in Ukraine too. Looks alarming! At least in southern and eastern Ukraine locals, armed local men calling themselves militants are on defense of Jewish facilities (synagogues, Jewish community centers and other). There's no such defense at all in Kiev or Lviv.
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