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greatest enablers of soft jihad against women.

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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:22 pm

expatriate women leave their countries of birth, sit comfortably in America ,
a land of hypocrisy since bush and his cronies, and have not the balls
to fight for justice in their new country , America .

Iran repression looks much like catholic segregation .complex ? ( no.) dynamic?
(yes) human rights issues ? how will you know ? their is no engagement , just the push from neocons / the military industrial complex, and special interest groups,
who isolate yet another country in the hopes it will learn ' proper behavior',
in and from the micosym of extreme isolation , deprivation and externally
induced , cruelty. ( no country left behind)

their actions like many we "leave behind" demonstrate a almost karmic
rebound from aggression. Iran has been around about 3,000
years. America , a couple of bucks and some change. israelians even less.
their actions may have a justification.

now instead of one country that has questionable repressive human rights records
you have two. the urge and power lust to achieve change, implement change in external foreign affairs has lead to a destruction of American values and
constitutional protections. [ rums had to have his nam do over, he relives his
dream in the never ending fantasy of war against the amorphous " war on terrorists " ] ( many do in fact.) google em, nam wasn't on his resume, unless
that's been changed to appear normal.

we have our own gulag archipelago in GITMO.
evidence of torture and previous renditions and America's leadership ,
does not prosecute but goes after the whistle blowers and political dissent.

paid Jewish iranian translators / journalists play multiple roles (opinion)
that don't follow journalistic ethics or code of conduct.
defense players " seek and destroy" any dissent; counterview .
counterprapaganda - to 'legal discourse, debate , dissenting opinion'
a must read- source aljazzerra: jill York , journalist exposes and challenges
that maintaining the 'constant' of 1st amendment rights , in heated political
environments ,

the use by liberal democracies that enshrine these rights,
and who appear hypocritical when employing them ,the deliberate manipulation,
of foreign or domestic press for counterprapaganda = propaganda goals.
negating 1 amendment principles and thus appearing hypocritical.

however she ventures further in writing , why target a Palestinian blogger
whom sought to shed light on American hypocrisy in "promoting nonviolence ,
while engaged in a violent occupation".
[israleians at the expense of palestinians.?]

the israelian political machine has in mind , Palestine , nuclear domination , regional hegemony . entrapment and new rules to facilitate, and dominate abound. most so called terrorists , I believe had strong often public anti zionist viewpoints. cases of convictions are closed under esoteric secrecy acts.

many poor, indigent, or deliberately disminished financially ,to make easy targets for prosecutorial abuse ; that which fuels a false justification to continue pursuing political dissent and concentrate their power.

w/ out the freedom of speech , a nation is no longer represents liberty, tyranny is oft a disease that follows.

relations were used. and completed only because the target " thought about it too long " is considered by the secret courts as evidence of criminal intent- state of mind.dubious logic , to say the least.

god protect us from the hollow, evil souls ,that under cover of darkness ,
in secret, conspire to steal the dignity and pride from the American combat soldier, who die each and every day ,(one way or another)believing / defending the values This great nation was founded on. who fought valiantly, drawing their last breath, spilling their own precious blood, far from home, thinking about us , and what America stands for. [ freedom justice , liberty.]

the mythical terrorist hunts - a facade to neutralize Arab and American dissenters who have written or spoken against israelian influence in American foreign and domestic policy.( most all cases are closed and reside in secret files. )

any terrorist that do exist often violently self destruct as if in the final moments of death throes , attempt one last swan song, as if to say ; listen to us.

redacted for political sensitivity.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:59 pm

these are transnational issues . second article of toms , I say that as
a observation , as if I'm on his deck drinking sangria wine w/ a slice of orange
and pineapple . was not that bad. wouldn't you say he is correct to a certain point ? depends on who's doing the tweeting and listening . but I do glean
something from his writing. Facebook and twitter are poor substitutes for action.
" in your face " action. he challenges another way. Possibilities. I dig it.

however we diverge here. ' I ' think we are feed up w /dear leaders("strong leaders" paternal ? } and need constitutional protections , its a matter of how we arrive. Tom is correct there are templates for progress but then trashes a few.

I believe he mischaracterizes erdogan of turkey. in that he believes it's becoming less tolerant and slipping w/ regard to checks and balances in govt. least we forget they had a recent coup attempt.

a additional example of state control, Tom says something to the effect that erdogan is placeing severe restrictions on reality, he is protecting the unborn child who has not been given the breath of life outside their mothers protective womb. restricting yes . i find that admirable, and helpful for women to be mindful that their actions involve a human being(s)and consequently should use preventive measures, (take responsibility )(conception) though this my wish.
[ last comment my opinion ]

I believe Tom has underestimated 'a' once hidden dynamic in Egypt ,
namely, the hard power of the soft the 3rd column ...women's true nature.
the somewhat ' trippy power ' they hold (possess) but do not fully understand.
that women have the ability, to have a positive impact on their environment/governments .

therefore, and although I respect Tom ,I'm placing him on the soft jihad against women section for today. (he does have a chance to redeem himself )

Tom is a westerner but hasn't messed anything up.arguably western govts
have . Tom is not the government. these issues are transnational and cross borders, every voice should be heard ? I vote we keep Tom.
(sangria wine- orange/pineapple slices.)

tangential to the topic - ' midnight express ' the movie taints turkeys image to this
day. any good movies that project contemporary turkey in a more positive light ?
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:54 am

read your last one . well done. your officially off the list. ' in good standing'

who might I put on the list ? ah ,yes one favorite supermodels (make believe girl)

I surrender I collaborate , what do want to know. ?

seriously, what are ' basic human rights ' ?

visitation for 45 minutes in three months ? cus I ain't feeling the love baby ...

can only imagine the training.
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:49 am

I'm afraid one of my favorites made the list again but less than favorable.

concerning a white house cyber propaganda squad to counter,

" alleged terrorists " in addition believe strongly it's co/ opted to apply toward

enemies , or dissenters of the state. she becomes our very own Goebbels

( hitlers minster of propaganda.) primarily comprised of women.

go figure ! a women of the 60s... hard to reconcile.
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:56 pm

women who commit sft jihad against other women especially their rights .

topic for today - concerned for the workplace environment.

women who probably eat to much republican chocolate coco puffs and in a sugar induced high forget their female compadre. leave them to the wolves to devour.
after coco puffs.

why do women who perceive a hostile work environment ,who decide to be cowards and run from a sexist , male dominated mindset ( arguably culture)
(maybe myth perpetuated by women for women)

actually believe, its so ingrained, so pathological, in spite of legal protections and supreme court decisions, notwithstanding , a small majority in the population , greater purchasing power, higher educational levels than ever before.

the majority do not. in the business-coworkers, step forward to defend you ? or the courts ? will it be a reasonable expectation for ' shared hormonal delusion '
to perpetuate like a cyclone through the justice system, but evidence is lacking.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:16 pm

1) anybody who does not support this. it was wonderful . it was like
woman empowerment day. I made a mistake of going early to work out.
the area was filled w/ ladies running w/ baby strollers . got the bike out and

I knew I'd find something ( different)

2) list of noted twitter folks various areas subject. bottom line ,
very few women. list was dominated by white males .

3)women who refer to ( call) their babies or young sons ;

" little man " :shock: (inferiority/ demeaning ) 'they grow up ladies'
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:52 am

clarity needed: women who use rape to advance women's rights .

is this radical feminism ?
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:09 am

women who attempt to advance women's rights / gender equality,
before seeking supreme court redress that support their cause.

example : advanced positions in armed conflict that avoid slinging a
weapon. (wuss) wimp+pussy go die for our country b a b y ...
share the burden before advancement. earn the right !

now be a sweetheart and go fetch some more coffee .

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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:17 am

the new slaves of our enlightened society . women will never never
have a voice in American policy /politik w/ out being men's equal
in war. or , be taken seriously. fact . and a damn shame.
because I think your ' bitch ' enough to get the job done . :shock:
you go girl .
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:20 am

I think we should criminalize feminism as hate speech.
and ya can talk to the hand cuz I aint listening ...

women who advance " sexual and reproductive rights " , and denounce

" legal prostitution " cite ' third world ' worst case scenarios as proof

it doesn't work. pathetic . if you had the " balls " you would support it .

instead you turn and hijack men's sexuality , their rights of expression ,

into a religious or personal guilt trip. perhaps intellectually you ladies

aren't up to the task of much to do bout nothing . dialogue anybody ?

didn't think so. go figure . :dance:
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