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Great job

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Postby marked » Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:49 am

It's a few days before the opening of the Olympics but still I see a lot of nonsense about the games like eliminating stray dogs or too much snow or security issues or whatever. And it seems to me people who make these 'news' have absolutely no understanding of what's really going on in Sochi. I came here a week ago and since that time I have a chance to observe the great job Russians did to host the games. The place is clean and completely secured. They created a unique system of checkpoints which eliminate any possibility for people not supposed to be here to enter. Some say that's really too much, but when it comes to security it has to be this way. Maybe some people think that Russians are bonkers but the things I see in Sochi ensured me that Russians understand the stakes and risks here and failing is not an option for them and that's why everywhere you can see their hard work.
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Postby chiselray » Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:26 pm

glad to hear you have first hand knowledge marked.
I read that Sochi were cleaning up the place of unwanted pets,strays or wandering pets by having them killed.I can only use the word killed because i wasnt aware of how they were eliminating them.It seems very extreme to do such a thing,have they ever believed there were better ways to show how great a place they really are..i wonder
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Postby greeney2 » Sat Apr 05, 2014 9:25 am

After the fact, no terrorists acts occurred, but the protests in the Ukraine overshadowed the Olympics, and we all know what happened when the Olympics were over, and the limelight was gone from Sochi. As far as the Olympic village, seems like it was well controlled, but they were not completely finished with some accommodations at the start. the most important was the athletes had the chance of their lives, and hope they all just blocked out all the negatives.

Russia is not the USA, or UK, or Beijing, they did their own thing in their own way, and the rest of the world were guests. WE may not like their laws, but all that was feared about openly gay guests, never came to be. Stray wild dogs are a problem, which we do not see a lot of in the USA like this, roaming the countryside. They do not have people like PETA who would demand, every dog be rehabilitated and placed into homes, they may very well have hunted them to kill them. Cruel as it sounds, they are not part of natural ecosystems, and probably bring diseases into the woods and forests. Even in the USA, you are no allowed to take domestic dogs into the back country of Yosemine, Sequoia, or any National Parks, even if they are tame and have shots.
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