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Postby greeney2 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:55 pm

Doing a good deed to a perfect stranger I found is a lot of fun. Me and Mrs G2 do our market shopping togather and usually its one big major buy that lasts us 4-5 weeks. Like everyone we are members of the market discount Ralphs card, so we think we are saving a ton of money. We also go armed with a fistful of coupons, which we try to just limit to things we actually buy and use regularly. Once in a while we will venture off the list and try something new, but buying just for the sake of a coupon is pretty stupid. Half the time it ends up costing more even with a coupon. We like to match a sale item with a coupon, found a few managers specials that are always marked way down. Too bad they quit doing double coupons a few years ago. We did use $22 in coupons and with the ralphs card saved $94. Did we really save or just spend alot, who knows. :lol:

I like to do a little good deed with the coupons. I look and decide if we should buy that one or just take this one, and many times don;t use the coupon. I do a good deed, and stick the coupon on the product, I decided not to buy so next person who is going to, finds the coupon. Maybe only .50 cents or a dollar, but if it helps them, thats good. Today we had a bunch of frozen Pizza coupons and remembered the oven isn;t working so didn't use any of them. We were checking out, and the bagger next to us put a bag with California Kitchen and a Degornio pizza, which we saw were both on sale. Mrs G2 thought I had gone nuts, I pulled out my coupons found those 2, and walked up to the lady and said "Here I have a present for you". I think she probably had a heart attack wondering who was this strange man with a beard and long hair. I just said, I saw the guy put those in her cart and we didn;t use the coupons. It was done in 10 seconds, we just rolled our carts away, and I think the lady was stunned. In California, its a little shocking when someone does something nice. If Mrs G2 wasn't with me, she probably would have thought I was stalking her, or afraid to walk into the parking lot. :lol: She probalby watched her rear view mirror all the way home. Mrs G2 was equally as stunned, and wondered has my husband gone mad. :lol:

It wasn't much but it was $2, each a $1 coupon for one pizza. We did a good deed, and it felt good. Its only $2, but thats OK.
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