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Does angels and demons contradict aliens?

The paranormal and occult have many sides, discuss all other paranormal/occult topics that don't fit anywhere else.

Postby dra600n » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:02 am

I know the title might be a bit misleading, but I'm hoping some of you can help me out here with some confusion I've had.

So, angels and demons are a thing of religious mythology. I'm not a believer in the bible (I've read it many years ago when I was a student at a Catholic elementary school, and after while I went to Sunday school when I no longer attended the elementary school), though I do believe in "ghosts", more or less, as I've experienced some pretty interesting things.

Now, if the existence of aliens becomes proven, would it debunk the whole religious aspect that many people believe? What about the spirits that people claim to be haunted by, or the witnesses?

I used to be heavily into the paranormal, though over the years, my interest has waned.

My theory? It goes along the lines of M Theory, or String Theory (which I've had long before I knew of these theories, or really started to pay attention to more of the science aspect of things), in that these spirits we're seeing are a weakened time rift that allows temporary passage into an alternate dimension.

Maybe there's a commonality between religion and extraterrestrials that I'm missing?
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Postby morbshock » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:15 am

Interesting topic.
It's very difficult to comprehend a book like the Bible at an early stage in life.
I went through the same as you did when I was young but really started to understand the written word when I was around 25 years old. Now I'm 57 years old.
Throughout my entire life I have had numerous amounts of paranormal experiences which only proves to me that there is life after death. The Paranormal "Gift" runs through my family for generations.
The existence of alien life has nothing to do with debunking religion unless people think that way due to lack of understanding the word of the Creator.
The Creator made man in His image.
He also created every animal, plant, and so on which is NOT in His image.
Only man was created in the image of the Creator.
So alien life , like everything else which was created was most likely created by the One and only, Creator.
I do believe that some of the aliens are demons.
Stay well and don't worry about the aliens unless they invade (or try to harm you), then we'll have to take them all out and I don't mean taking them out to dinner. lol
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