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Postby Tairaa » Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:34 am

OHHH! I see!

So in your country it's not free, unless you fill out a form, then it's more expensive for everyone else. Gotcha. Sounds like a dumb system to me...

What if a foreigner gets hit by a car in the US, is it free for them if they cannot pay?

Yes the wait lists can kill you, and for a lot of people this does happen.

However, if they have the money they can help to alleviate the wait by paying your medical personnel to treat them in America, which means they don't have to wait, and one less person is in the line.

So our system would not be ideal if we didn't have you as neighbours, or someone similar. But as it stands, no one here gets unfairly burdened by poor people getting medical attention. It's not free, I mean, we pay taxes..
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Postby greeney2 » Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:09 pm

Thats the delemia Californians live with everyday. Illegals without insurance and the services they can get away without paying and we can't. Its a standing joke in California if you have a fender bender was it an illegal. Its actully no joke when you have them just leave a wrecked car and walk away, only to totally disappear. I've had it happen. they leave and you are stuck with your own medial expences and sometimes a totaled car. To add insult to injury, if they get hurt they have to be treated, and most never see a dime, but they overbill the crap out of you. Thats why in California, you are foolish to not full coverage, becasuse without collision, you can't get blood out of turnip.

Worst part is, when the illegals disappear, and you claim they were uninsured, the insurance companies have an excape clasue to that. Until they can locate them, and have them confirm they in fact uninsured, it goes down as a regluar claim. Uninsured motorist coverage will cover your medical and the car, but they know how to get out of that. How do find that illegal Mexican who dissappeared back into Mexico, or just moves around and can;t be found?
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