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Postby Dark-Samus » Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:53 pm

Personally, this came into play when I saw the Spiderman movies, Superman Returns and the final Matrix movie. It's blatently obvious in those movies when it's not the actor and it's just cgi or whatever. It killed the Matrix fight scene against Agent Smith. It killed Superman flying. It killed Spiderman swinging through the city.

Actually I thought Superman Returns was really okay, it didn't have much ocerdramatic action scenes and so on that made it look silly like Spiderman.

What really killed Matrix Revolutions for me is the whole Jesus kind of story.
I mean it took a literally religious concept especially the later half of the movie.

The ending felt unsatisfying and unworthy the originality the first movie had.
The Neo vs Smith Final battle felt kinda dull and unispiring if we compare it to the one in Reloaded.

While actors in costumes is all good and fun, the movements are slow and cumbersome. Certainly a testament to their time, but these days can be done much better. With CGI, if the art is done well, you can make all kinds of spectacular scenes that further enhance the movie experience.

I think they have done a good job when it comes to Transformers, too bad the second movie was way too childish for my taste.
I don't know why people thinks the first movie was being too serious, too me that was its strenght and it appelaed to a more wider audiance.
Even my mom liked it and she mostly doesn't like these action packed movies or sci-fi.
The second one made her sleep a bit lol...

If we compare T2 with T4, a combination of CGI and real models looks alot more realistic than only using overused CGI.
Too me the termiantors in T4 looked too much computer generated and less realistic and they didn't feel "Cyborg" enough.

It was like looking at a man with a robotic appearance...
IF we take a look at the real model in T1 it looked so real because it was real and gave the movie the nice dark atmosphere it had.
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