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Charge British and European authorities for multiculturalism

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Postby JohnDoet » Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:44 am

Charge British and European authorities for multiculturalism ideas! This idea was rotten from the very beginning. And those who dare to tell the opposite are canters. Just remember Richard Everitt in King's Cross, Ross Parker in Peterborough, Sean Whyte in Colne, Andrew Holland in Bolton, Christopher Yates in Barking. All of them were murdered by racist Muslim gangs in the period from 1994 to 2012. Charlene Downes - the girl 'chopped up and gone into kebabs', Paige Chivers and other victims of fastfood Muslim workers in Blackpool. And they are a drop in the bucket of the blood of white British teens killed by Muslim bandits.
You might call me racist (though Muslim isn't a race). But I am a father of the similar girl of thirteen and I live in Blackpool. And she and her friends complain about dirty hints and harassment from various adult Pakis. The police didn't pay any attention as we notified them of pursuit. I can imagine what a scandal it would be if it was a white man and Muslim girl. For sure her relatives would cut his throat on the quiet. And the police would classify it as self defence.
UK authorities deprive white people of their rights in their own country! Muslims rule in Great Britain and European Union. They just take our money as benefits of being non-white. They may rape or murder a white child and remain unpunished just because the police are too afraid of them. They impose their law right in the streets and no one stops them for it would be intolerable.
The only way is put away our tolerast hangups and to become 'racist' and save your nation and way of life from Muslim occupation.
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Postby Lucifer » Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:05 pm

It happens all the time chump! The history of mankind has been martyred by conquest! There are way too many instances where society plays a role in catering to its hatred. England is the home of pedophilia which is a global epidemic, not to mention the damage the secret societies have done to the church, creating a cesspool of sin! The secret agenda's are the causal factor to how or why society has gotten so sick! Take the native americans for instance, instead of dealing with pedophile priests they allowed them to rape and murder countless native american children this was a political tactic to destroy culture, spirituality and languages of a peoples. By allowing such action to take place it has corrupted the modern world and the new world so it would be prime to ravage! Fact! The echelon of the secret societies have taken creeds that provide for satanic rituals and worship to confound and corrupt the modern world. This is by design and by plan, a written history for all to see, yet none to debate and none to counter. Why because its the idea of money and power, circles intersecting with circles to form a veil of power and secrecy. You worry about your little girl in england, yet the very beginning of your worries start in your backyard and you have done nothing but complain on the internet ... good show ol chap!

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Postby Lucifer » Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:15 pm

When its apart of a secret plan or agenda, what the whiteman has done to the world it has done to itself 100 fold!

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