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Benghazi Attack / YT Video: What No One's Talking About

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Postby frrostedman » Sat May 18, 2013 5:11 pm

I sent this to Fox News hoping they would check into it or at least make mention of it in some of their programming to see if it gains traction.

No one has mentioned yet, the curious nature of Obama's and Hillary's inexplicable publicly broadcasted apology about the video. You know, the video that didn't spark the Benghazi attacks, which Obama and Hillary knew at the time. My thoughts are this: If Obama and Hillary knew the video wasn't responsible for the Benghazi terrorist attack (and they incontrovertibly did know it for a fact), then why spend nearly 100k in gov't funds apologizing for the video on the airwaves in Pakistan? The only plausible reason for it is--they were trying to GENERATE a harsh, violent response to the video, which up until then hardly anyone even knew about. They tried to bring the video to the attention of the Muslims, in hopes it would spark a global, violent outrage... all so their narrative could then be demonstratively true.

And that to me, is exceedingly diabolical, because if it is true, it means Obama and Hillary are willing to put the entire globe in a state of unrest, and potentially cause the deaths of countless innocents, all just to corroborate a lie they fabricated to begin with.

By the end of that, most of you are shaking your heads, thinking I stretched it WAY to far. So I ask you: Go back. Think about it step by step. Obama and Hillary knew the video wasn't responsible. Give me a better reason why they--in unprecedented and desperate fashion by the way--would spend about a 100k taxpayer dollars putting together a public announcement apologizing for the video.
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