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ATF and your TAX DOLLARS @ Work

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Postby Cole_Trickle » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:26 am

Yesterday @ around 5.00 pm local time I was working in the yard, always doing something because I just can't stand to sit around and do nothing. Regardless I was out front looking up into the pines for dead falls when a solid white brand new Toyota 4 runner with blacked out windows and black brush guard cruised by real slow, about 25 mph or so. I locked eyes with the passenger and they stopped and then turned into my gravel drive at the top of the property. :lol: :lol: Pretty obvious who they were even before they dropped the pass window to have a chat. They were LE of some sort but little did I suspect ATF agents cruising about in their brand spankin new Utility, and WTF did they want with me :lol: :lol:

" Hey what's up? " " What can I do for ya " I asked the guy in the passenger seat. " Have you heard any suspected illegal fireworks ?" I almost fell down laughing, and what happened next was truly a very very sad sign of the times in my book, but hey I've been around these types/clowns/LE officers/agents/deputies for years and years so maybe it's just me~~but that's probably because I know the drill so very well.

I replied " Not yet but maybe when the sun goes down a bit more " I chuckled, they didn't :lol: So I started in without hesitation~~Let me see riding around in a new 30-k ride, three of you no less, looking for residents who have been setting off illegal fireworks~" I THOUGHT WE WERE IN A RECESSION " So you guys are ATF~~" Yes Sir " was their reply :shock:
Lots of illegal stuff was used in and around this area on the Fourth. So I say " How do you know that ?" That finally got a laugh out of the guy in the passenger seat and he even asked : " Are you kidding? " When the agent said that I knew immediately what was really going on and what they were really actually doing in the neighborhood :lol: :lol:

I along with apparently a few other neighbors in this area made sizable on-line purchases of Fireworks, legal mind you, yet several dollars worth, especially given the area and the proof of that was the night of the Fourth. Very loud and very long into the night so many people had the same idea. These agents knew it and that didn't sit to well with me and I let em know it before they pulled off. I asked just how many WATCH LISTS can you guys keep up with? All they said was " FIREWORKS ARE A STATE/FEDERAL ISSUE "

I said so you guys aren't just passing through in the literal sense, you're mainly just letting people know that you're here. None of them would cop to it but each wanted to know how I knew who they were. This was when the guy driving asked me directly how I knew they were ATF to which I replied: " You're kidding right " :lol: :lol:

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Postby Lashmar » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:29 am

WTF is an `illegal firework`? :? they too loud or something? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:44 am

Well they were everywhere. You can tell when the ground seems to rumble a tad bit and the sound echos longer than usual. I gave one to my neighbor a few years back and even after I told him to set it off way out back away from any windows he still set it off too close to his garage. It claimed one window completely and cracked the other.

Yeah illegal I got them from a guy who makes em special in central Illinois. A little less than a stick of dynamite. :lol: :lol:

You should hear the civil war cannons go off around here late at night :lol: :lol: Phucking loud as hell and my guess as to what prompted people to call the cops and complain :lol: :lol:
Literally shakes the ground if you're close enough.

10 x's louder than this and this guys mic didn't do the Excalibur justice. You can here these from a mile plus off.

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Postby greeney2 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:08 am

They should have seen East LA and Pico Rivera on the 4th. :lol:

You should have shown them your WTC termite pictures Cole. :lol:
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Postby shadowfx » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:30 am

Funny this made me thought of a couple things around here that are happening.
If anyone remeber's the Brown's and their standoff with the US Marshall's here.
Well all of their properties we seized (with due reason).
One of the properties is an office complex. Beautiful building, awesome landscaping and a prime location. One things for sure is that Ed and Elaine kept the property real nice.
However, it's slowly turning into a big ole eyesore. The grounds look like crap, building looks beaten and all.
There have and were tons of people looking to take over it. A real Estate firm was trying to lease the whole thing when the standoff began.
The place is easily worth $1.5 million or more. However, no that it's under govt control it's dropping in value fast. It's a shame that the Government doesn't just unload it.

Ed and Elaine are both here in NH again standing trial for the charges from the standoff itself.
They are also serving their Federal sentances from the Tax issues.
Anyways, it looks like it's going to be another Govt waste of money.
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:36 am

Greeney I bumped into an old friend in a local Sporting Goods store Yesterday morning, he's SWAT~~I used to work with him back in the day ;)

Don't think for a second my friend that I'm afraid to ask anything in regard to that farce they call 9-11, ESPECIALLY of a few AFT~~Soon to be " AFTB " B 4 bombs.. I know a lot more about it than I let on, so do people I know in LE. Forget about any of them mentioning a word off it until they retire. Kind of like well trained combat soldiers they just follow orders.

These guys here yesterday were all transplants, or at least I've never seen em before but that might just mean that I need to get out more :lol: Oh well I'm sure they'll be back soon enough and when they do I'll be sure to mention the Black Vault and have em bookmark it on their favorite Government owned PC~~~AS IF THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY :lol: :lol: :lol:

I did tell one of em that " I THOUGHT HE'D BE BIGGER " all that accomplished was for him to pull down his shades and tell me that I didn't look my age after he looked me up and down. :lol: :lol: To which I said, now if you can tell me my favorite food you'll make a believer out of me. :shock: That induced the
have a nice day Sir~~line! :lol: A fitting end to a decent tit for tat despite it being 3 on 1, again Par for the course for these guys.

Anyway my stuff is legal and the best medicine for barking dogs. Shuts em up every single time! Boom~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Postby Wing-Zero » Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:23 pm

Ahh the 4th.

My favorite night to have a battle of wits with the local law enforcement.
War is an extension of economics and diplomacy through other means.

Economics and diplomacy are methods of securing resources used by humans.

Securing resources is the one necessary behavior for all living things.

War = Life
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Postby Tairaa » Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:50 pm

the best medicine for barking dogs. Shuts em up every single time! Boom

Not mine, they both go nuts when there are fireworks. They patrol the house for hours even after the fireworks stop.

I trained the one of them to clear rooms with me. Hahaha. :D

I got him to think something was up, light tap on the hip and he sticks to me like glue, trying his damdest to be quite on the hardwood (click click click click click :lol: ), then I tap my hip and point to a door and be pushes it open, does a quick circle, comes out and is on my side again. Off to the next room we go. :lol:
If I can get him to do it again (only does it when he legitimately thinks something is up, he's pretty hard to trick though) I'll record it and show you. It's pretty funny.

Off topic though.

Yeah, they are fun.
Good to know the government has their priorities straight. :P
"George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd."
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