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911 a day we will never forget

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Postby greeney2 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:31 pm

I remember vividly John telling me " Dad, you won't believe what is on TV about 8:30 am. All we knew was a plane somehow hit the first trade center and it was burning. We knew that people were trapped above the floors of impact, as we all recall. Watching with our eyes glued to the television every effort going on, the first responders, those who could get out of the building, literally a major event unfolding before our eyes. At that point it was unsure what hit the trade center, how it could happen on a bight sunny day, details sketchy, and just coming in. No one ever suspected it was more than just a tragic airline accident at that point, and certainly nobody ever thought the WTC was ever going to collapse. Horrifying sights of the flames and smoke, people hanging out the windows, and the unbelievable sites of those who plunged to their deaths. Then it happened, we saw the 2nd plane coming low and turning, and in stunned disbelief watched it slam into the 2nd tower on live TV. Instantly, I knew were under attack and I knew we were now at war. John and I sat, in total disbelief as we knew what was happening, and now 2 trade center buildings were both a blaze.

In my life time, some of the most indelible images in my mind, and times you knew exactly where you were was JFK being assassinated, watching Lee Harvey Oswald shot live on TV, the Challenger launch disaster, and these images of 911 are branded permanently in our minds. Watching before our eyes, when the tower fell, and the next one very soon after, we will never forget that day, how could we possibly. RIP all those than perished in the WTC and also the Pentagon. God Bless their families.
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Postby thunder » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:37 pm

I remember the call from Leanne, TURN ON YOUR TV oh my god. wasted no time getting to it! and the worst shock I ever had. GOD I pray nothing like this ever happens again. :pray:
1 min before the second one hit . no greeney2 one of us will ever forget and all have the same memories. as bad as it gets
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