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The Black Vault Case File Database is a compilation of cases from around the world -- on a wide array of events.  Including UFO Sightings, paranormal experiences, ghost encounters, and much more!  This case file database was setup to have a very complex, yet easy to use, system of cases for research, reference and investigation.  The Black Vault has become well known for the UFO documentation that I have received directly from the government, so I wanted to offer a place for users to upload case files as well of their own experiences.  That idea has morphed into a huge database of cases from around the globe.

I run The Black Vault to offer a place for people to LEARN.  Whether that be to see an unknown case file, or to see something that is a known hoax, you are sure to have a lot of information at your disposal here for your research.

I've openned this section up where ANYONE can submit a sighting or case file. Whether you yourself experienced the event, or you are just someone who has investigated it, you can upload photos, videos, documents, supporting evidence, etc., and you can put it out there for the world to see.  You can submit it online, or you can email the information to me directly (with as much detail as possible) to reportacase@theblackvault.com

(Please note: This section is entirely different than the archive of more than 850,000+ classified government documents.  You can visit the FOIA Research Center if you are looking for the government document archive by clicking on "RESEARCH CENTER" in the above menu).

Add your sighting or case file.
Recently Added Public Case Files
MANY ORBS WITNESSED NEAR LONG BEACH NEW JERSEY SEPTEMBER 7, 2014   ....   LONG BEACH NEW JERSEY I have seen flying saucers since august 18, 1980.  This was my 8th UFO experience, but I have never seen orbs, only spaceships.  These were orbs, I think, not what I usually experience.  I first noticed…
10 days ago
From falcon51
Description: The witness called a few minutes after his “last” sighting. He had repeatedly over a two hour period saw four red lights that would rotate in a circular pattern and then abruptly vanish. This occurred several times. He was unable to keep the lights in view long enough to take a photo. T…
7 days ago
Chincoteague Island, Chincoteague Island, United States
Description: I saw 4 lights in a row. They were just still. Then one blinked out. They changed position and then one after another they blinked out. I just took these pictures a few seconds apart. Note from UFOs NorthWest: I did some enhancements of the above photos (contrast and brightness adjuste…
6 days ago
Milwaukee, OR, Milwaukee, United States
Description: I was on US Airways flight 3385 from Washington, DC to Charleston SC, September 9, 2014. At approximately 10 minutes out from Charleston, at approximately 10,000 feet I saw off to the left side and below two very large black antenna rising from two different clouds. They appeared to be …
8 days ago
AMAZING PHOTO OF THREE UFO CRAFT OVER CANADA AUGUST 10, 2014    ....    OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA On Sunday August 10, 2014, while at home in Oshawa, Ontario, I was outside on my driveway washing my car when suddenly I hear this humming sound and look to the north below HWY 2.  About a quarter mile …
38 days ago
From falcon51
TWO ALIEN ABDUCTION EXPERIENCES FROM EAST TEXAS   I had two abductions. One in 1974 and the other in East Texas 1996. I know 1974 was long ago, but I didn't want people to think I was crazy and have held this inside for many years and only now feel like I can tell. I was 26, married, had 4 childre…
14869 days ago
From falcon51
From a professor at Georgia Tech: I run a UFO camera in Highlands. I got the attached 3 frames on August 22nd around 5 PM. The object goes from the left to the right of the video frame. It moves across the frame in 1 second. My frame rate was approximately one frame each .25 seconds. Start viewing…
26 days ago
Highlands, NC, Highlandsm, United States
I was alone at approx. 10:35 p.m. in Imboden, AR. (N.E. Ar.) It was a clear night and very warm. I was facing west when I noticed the UFO. It did move at some point in time; I didn't see it, but I know where it started and ended up at. It moved from 6-8 feet downward. The sky was very dark, it was …
3546 days ago
Imboden, Arkansas, Imboden, United States
Shape: Triangle - Duration: 10 minutes Stadium-sized triangular craft flew in the sky near Columbus, Ohio. It was the size of a large stadium, 3 stories tall; triangular in shape with lights at the 2 back corners. I would have thought it was a stealth fighter, but it was very large, flying low, sl…
13 days ago
Canal Winchester, OH, Canal Winchester, United States
The following newspaper headlines were submitted to The Black Vault. Although many of us are used to the Roswell Daily Record headline, these are archived here for reference.   
16330 days ago
Roswell, NM, Roswell, United States
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