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Researcher, John Greenewald, Jr.
Researcher, John Greenewald, Jr.


Young Researchers Need to Become Involved

Having just turned 70 years old, and trying to catch up with Stanton Friedman in age, we have both discussed the need, and our desire for young people to get more involved in UFO research. I've been encouraged by several middle school and high school students that have written to me over the years requesting assistance when doing school writing assignments on the subject of UFOs. That gives me hope that some might continue to pursue the subject as they mature, which I think is vitally needed in this field. I have written 2 editorials, on 12/01/04 and 12/01/10, which are archived on my website about my confidence in these young students, and have set up a link on my site to post the reports they have written. I also appreciate the teachers that allow their students to research and write about a subject that is controversial too many.

As with many of the first-hand witnesses of the 1947 Roswell Incident, we're starting to loose some of our more experienced and elderly researchers also. Seems like the morticians always win out on this one, and to my knowledge nothing is going to change that, so I feel if we're going to learn the truth, the ball has to be picked up by a younger generation.

There is one young gentleman that has come to the table and established himself at a young age to become one of the top researchers of today. I have had the pleasure of sharing the platform with him on several occasions either as a co-speaker, or actually having the privilege of introducing him. I was impressed with his diligence and dedication since I first heard of him several years ago, and it has always been my honor to visit with him at conferences, through email and share with him some of our views on the subject. He himself has been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies or the keynote speaker at many of the top conferences.

John Greenewald, Jr.

Of course I'm talking about John Greenewald, Jr. (left), the creator and owner of the Black Vault website at John recently announced that the Black Vault had surpassed fifteen years of being on line, exposing some of the world's closest guarded government secrets. 15 years is no big deal to some of us older researchers, until you understand that he was only 15 years old when he started the site. (As an example, I was in my late 40's when I started seriously researching the subject.)

John has had very minimal advertising revenue to support his site, and due to the value of the information he has accumulated over these 15 years, any contributions made to him are appreciated, and will help him continue to uncover what the government doesn't want us to know. The Black Vault and Frank Warren's site are in my opinion, two of the best sites on the Internet for obtaining factual information.

The Black Vault site, known around the world for having the largest private archive of declassified records contains more than "600,000 pages", an astronomical number, mostly obtained through persistent Freedom of Information Act requests. The topics John has pursued are not only UFO related either. He has requested information on the JFK Assassination, Mind Control and Biological Weapons, so just about any government secret you can think of is in his database. What has taken John as many as 12 years to acquire in some FOIA requests is now available to anyone going to his site. Since some of the responses he receives are blacked out, like many of us, John wonders what is still really classified.

The Black Vault banner

One other amazing fact about the Black Vault is the number of visitors it gets on a daily basis.
On an average day, 5,000-6,000 visitors look through the archives or download the research that has taken John more than half of his life to obtain.

In addition to his website, he has been featured on television networks such as The History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, A&E, Fox, NBC, along with international networks such as the BBC (UK), NTV (Russia), and many more.

In published media, Greenewald has been featured and quoted in more than one hundred articles, in papers such as the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Baltimore Sun, and featured on the front page of Yahoo! as one of the top stories for the day.

John Greenewald, aged 21

And there is more about this young man. In broadcast radio, Greenewald has been featured on stations worldwide, including Coast to Coast AM (Premier Radio Network-syndicated), the Adam Carolia Show (CBS Radio-syndicated), the Bob & Sheri show (Greater Media Radio-syndicated), and countless others.

At the age of twenty-one, Greenewald (right) published his first book "Beyond UFO Secrecy" in 2002. This book has recently been put into a second expanded edition, and re-published by Galde Press in January 2008.

Today, just 15 years after starting the Black Vault website, his career has led him to a career in television production, as a supervising producer, writer, director and editor. Many of his shows can be seen on the History channel, National Geographic channel, Discovery, and Military channels to name a few.

In addition to his remarkable website, John can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

John Greenewald Jr. has definitely set the standard for other young people to get involved in UFO research. With the technology available to them today and even more so in the future, it continues to be my hope that through individuals like John and others of this younger generation, the government secrecy will eventually have to collapse.

The future of our research and investigation on the topics of Ufology and other conspiracies are in good hands for the future with the leadership of such young dedicated individuals as John Greenewald Jr. John thank you for what you've accomplished in this short time period, and we all look forward to you continuing the excellent work you've started.

Dennis G. Balthaser

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  •  waveacle: 
    If 100 young scientist look at the evidence,and vaildates the phenomena is real,perhaps a critical mass will be reached and large colaboration begins to form a team approach,it is unsolved as to what this phenomena truly is,and it seems very old paintings and drawings show this to be similar to today !
    I dont understand not being drawn too this mystery,where has mans curiosity gone !
    Im bothered by this lack of we must figure this out determination,this is the biggest mystery we can actually solve !
    Honestly note there operation of elusive and evasive behavior ,disturbing ,mostly nocturnal agenda being carried out unfettered ????? Hummmmmm
     1028 days ago 
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Young Researchers Need to Become Involved