Mr. Vike, a blogger with The Vike Factor Into the Paranormal got reports of strange lights over our area around March 26.


The report was of several organge lights glowing over the sister towns. A reader shed some, ahem, light on the topic.

“Hello Mr. Vike, several night watchmen at my company have seen the orange light a number of times this week,” the reader wrote. “We believe that Chinese lanterns are the culprit. They are being launched several times a week now from the Redlands or Loma Linda area.”

I’m pretty sure I was out that night, it was a Monday night, and I don’t recall seeing lights of any kind.


If any of you saw the lights, send us an email and let us know. Are they lanterns? And who is lighting them?


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04.05.2012 (876 days ago)
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