Wednesday, two walkers in Siberia claim to have found the body of an alien, and took a video of their findings.  The video was taken Wednesday, April 20, 2011 near Irkutsk, Russia and it has already been viewed over 1,000,000 times creating an Internet buzz.  The video shows a small, slender, damaged body lying in the snow.  The alien is approximately 2 foot high and part of the right leg is missing.


The area near Irkutsk, Russia has been called a UFO hotspot and people have reported numerous sightings of aliens and UFO's near that area.


'We couldn't believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship. Perhaps that was taken away and the body overlooked,' said Igor Molovic who uploaded the video.


Walkers in Siberia find body of alien Credit: YouTube

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  •  andypb: 
    I'm no expert, but that does not look like a human body.
    The neck looks too long, i'm not saying it's an alien, i'm just saying it's not human.
     1090 days ago 
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  •  brasscat: 
    For years I have examined photos originating out of the old Soviet Union. Some have been very convincing fakes, took a computer to spot the flaw. However, this particular photo shows some very easy to spot discontinuties. Look carefully at the neck/head junction area. The lower head rim is rounded, like a helmet/mask. The neck color is totally mis-matched to the head.
    Conclusion: Human body with a shaped mask on the head.
     1201 days ago 
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04.20.2011 (1245 days ago)
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