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UFO news originating from Vancouver, BC and the surrounding region received considerable international media attention in 2011. Memorable and original reporting substantially documented through extended high-quality video recordings, podcast interviews and in-depth articles reached national audiences in the United States, Ireland and beyond. What makes a great Vancouver UFO news story? This year-end review will attempt to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly for a topic that inspires both public fascination and unbridled controversy.

Vancouver UFO news appeals to a widespread international audience. In 2011, stories first seen in the Vancouver UFO Examiner appeared (via citations, links and feeds) on websites for the following distinguished news organizations:

The Dallas Morning News

USA Today

UFO Digest

The Huffington Post


Florida Today

Coast to Coast AM

Unknown Country



UC Irvine Today

The Wall Street Journal

This reporter’s conclusion: the support of multiple editorial teams who guarantee the visibility of Vancouver UFO news and widespread international interest is GOOD.

Vancouver Island was the source for a spectacular UFO sighting captured on video in January, 2011. IslandOnlineNews’ Fritz Stammberger provided stunning high-definition images and live commentary as a UFO “half the size of a full moon” made multiple appearances in highly-sensitive airspace over the provincial capital.

UFO Video:

Podcast interview with Fritz Stammberger: reported how Mr. Stammberger estimated “that as the object first became visible he was facing North and that it was approximately 5 kilometers distance from his location. The second appearance took place at a range of 3 kilometers while he faced towards the West. “That was huge. I film the moon from up here some nights and I think that [object] in the sky looked about half the size of what a full moon looks like. It was quite big and it lit up a significant portion of the sky.” There was more to the sighting than just a big mysterious flashing light. The camera captures what appear to be structural elements of the UFO suspended from the sphere. He described how, “When I zoomed in you could see what looked like a metallic body that hangs down below [the object]. I turned away to get the camera on a tripod and as I turned back the object had turned back into a ball-shaped sphere of light. So it seems to have some sort of shape-shifting or morphing ability.””

Controversy was soon to follow. In a response published by the Oak Bay News, Eric Chisholm, an engineering physicist with the National Research Council’s Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Saanich, British Columbia claimed he was sure that the object shown in the video was the planet Jupiter.

Mr. Chisholm may be an outstanding physicist but his explanation of the sighting raises questions regarding whether or not he actually ever looked at the video before offering such comments. Not only does the IslandOnlineNews video clearly show overcast skies above the UFO, it also shows how the object morphs from a sphere to a bell-like structure with some kind of feature protruding from below. Unlike Jupiter, the UFO both hovers and travels behind trees in the foreground at a rate of speed much faster than any planet in the night sky.

This reporter’s conclusion: independent citizen-journalists raising public awareness to UFO issues in local communities are GOOD; advancement of UFO cover-up agendas by professional government scientists at the expense of diminishing public respect for their discipline is BAD.

Evidence for a UFO corridor near Vancouver City Hall was documented in 2011 through numerous stories featuring local videographer Les Murzsa that included both day and night images revealing flying saucers, a UFO fleet, a daylight object with a colorful infrared trail and an epic sighting captured with two video cameras that lasted over 40 minutes in duration.

UFO Video 1:

UFO Video 2:

UFO Video 3:

UFO Video 4:

Podcast Interview with Les Murzsa:

Mr. Murzsa’s UFO reports are distinguished by the fact that they are repeatable and can be documented by independent camera operators using multiple systems. However, it is the depth of his contact-related out-of-body travel and the evidence for precognitive dreams that makes these reports particularly interesting.

Les Murzsa explained how “I was lying in bed and I had an out-of-body experience where I quickly left my body. I was horizontal, then I turned vertical as though I was a stiff board then I shot up through the house. I could see all of the wood as I was passing through as though it was dimly lit. I could see all the wood two by fours. I could see the shingles as I passed through the top of the house and then I saw the sky around Vancouver and then I shot up very quickly.

“At first I thought I was just having an out-of-body experience that I had initiated and was going flying somewhere, but I think now what my interpretation of it is that a UFO would have dropped down into the house (and the house not being an obstacle for it) basically down into the space around the bedroom. And my guide sort of pulled me out-of-body into the UFO and then we shot up through the house.”

In a Yahoo Email dated Sunday, July 24, 2011 10:28:30 AM PST, Mr. Murzsa wrote to this reporter, stating that “I had a few dreams about watching ufos [sic] from my deck last night. Now I am going to have skywatch all day long.”

In a follow-up Telus voicemail dated Sunday, July 24, 2011 6:26:00 PM PST, Mr. Murzsa further stated how “I just filmed the sighting of my life. I lost count at 18 UFO’s in one go. I had a massive fleet sighting and I filmed the entire thing … A huge sighting – biggest in my life.”

Controversy in the wake of such reports would follow in the form of Facebook comments (now deleted for unknown reasons) from Michael Horn, the “authorized American media representative” for Swiss UFO contactee and filmmaker Billy Meier. To paraphrase Mr. Horn, in his comments about a story regarding a “Pleiadian UFO” he stated that the Pleiades are a dead star system where no life is found and that Billy Meier’s contacts were initially described as “Pleiadian” in order to expose future imposters who would later report related contact.

Apparently Mr. Horn was quoting from Billy Meier’s 1945 contact notes, shown by one source datemarked 1991: “And in order to unmask the future swindlers, my successors and you will not name our origins according to our own language-term, Plejaren, rather by the terrestrial-human term, Pleiades, in order that the swindlers will then use this term, whereby they will expose their own fraud and lies as well as slander.”

It appears unprincipled to issue public complaints about others’ use of the term “Pleiadian” when Michael Horn played a role in such productions as the 2006 documentary UFOs - The Pleiadian Connection, released 15 years after Billy Meier’s published statements.

This reporter’s conclusion: Vancouver videographers exploring out-of-body travel and precognitive dream experiences while providing UFO documentation verified by independent camera operators are GOOD; hypocritical claims to language exclusivity by nationally-recognized authors and film producers to browbeat others (in an apparent attempt to control public discourse) are BAD.

Not every story in the 2011 edition of the Vancouver UFO Examiner was embraced by the public. The video that accompanied coverage of the Wikileaks UFO secrets of Julian Assange has actually generated more dislikes than likes on YouTube. Courting controversial subjects comes with a price and Wikileaks remains an enigmatic subject. There remains no absolute certainty with regards to its status, neither as a psyops front nor as an advocate for free speech. It’s not unlike Al Gore, who is reported to be both an advocate for scientific fraud and the sympathetic target of CIA sting operations at the same time.

Video – Julian Assange’s Secret Messages:

In February, 2011, reported analysis derived from applied voice-based disclosure technology along with a partial transcript of Julian Assange’s appearance on 60 minutes.

“Julian Assange: “I would like to believe that [the majority of the US population does not believe Mr. Assange is a terrorist nor do they condone calls for his assassination by popular US political figures]. On the other hand, incitements to murder is a serious issue and there is a portion of the population that will believe in them and may carry them out.”

“Secret Message: I'm not one of you.

“Julian Assange: “I won't make any comment in relation to that upcoming publication [regarding the contents of a 5GB hard drive containing sensitive bank information] ... There'll be a process of elimination if we denied some and admitted others ... But I think it's great to have all these banks squirming thinking, maybe it's them.”

“Secret Message: It's alien. Hidden now.

“Julian Assange: “It is our sources, who choose to provide us with information or not, depending on how they see our actions. It is our donors, who choose to give us money or not. This organization cannot survive for more than a few months without the ongoing support of the public.”

“Secret Message: The saucer city.”

This reporter’s conclusion: covering controversial topics from controversial perspectives is GOOD; holding the middle ground between polarized parties in hotly contested topics is GOOD (but not a lot of fun).

On Exopolitics and alien abduction issues, the Vancouver UFO Examiner demonstrated remarkable insight in 2011, revealing unconscious processes of candidates while providing Canadian Federal Election 2011 coverage.  Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe was shown to reveal involuntary disclosures through the form of “an encrypted narrative describing his unconscious recollection of a naked encounter with “little brown aliens.””

Mr. Duceppe wasn’t the only potential abductee covered by a column that featured abduction reports from UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre, rock star Sammy Hagar and interdimensional traveller George Kavassilas as well.

Jared Loughner’s MKULTRA profile as described by this reporter in January 2011 was recently confirmed by Washington, DC-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen,  who is reportedly claiming that “contacts within the Beltway intelligence community” are describing the alleged shooter in the Gabrielle Giffords case as an “MK-ULTRA” programmed assassin.

“Was the alleged shooter under the spell of MKULTRA mind-control programmers directing him to act as an agent of what the Daily Kos describes as state-sponsored stochastic terrorism? The agenda of the programmers can be known by the tapestry of secret messages revealed in the voices of their agents.

“The “death spell” and “spirit possession” themes of Jared Loughner’s secret messages bear a striking resemblance to those found in the remarks of the Washington State Cellphone Stalker, the Wichita Kansas BTK Killer, Vancouver, BC’s Robert Pickton, the final words of Jim Jones during the Jonestown massacre and the voice of a NASA commentator during the doomed descent of the space shuttle Columbia, all reported by”

Inception-like Dream Warfare surrounding the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ was also highlighted in a surprise statement from nationally syndicated talk show host Erich “Mancow” Muller, who commented,““You talk about Dream Warfare. We think about the movie Dreamscape, which was with [Dennis] Quaid. But also the critically acclaimed movie that was out a year or so ago called Inception. I had a listener visit me in my dreams and also told me about what was going on in my bedroom in very specific detail. I know what I dreamed last night.”

“He confirmed to the Mancow audience how, due to his personal experience, he could relate to the possibility that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was subjected to the same kind of treatment, during which invasive nightmares were generated in her sleep by agents of a death-cult agenda committing acts of psychological warfare against targeted civilians.”

There are substantial reasons to believe that the activation of MKULTRA assassin candidate Jared Lee Loughner was in aid of a cover-up to protect the clandestine “Fast and Furious” government gun-running operation that claimed the life of a U.S. border patrol agent and has resulted in the illegal transfer of thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug gangs. In what Forbes is calling President Obama’s “Watergate”, high-ranking members of the Obama administration are now under scrutiny for their role in attempting to destabilize Mexico and fomenting support for changes to gun laws in the United States.

Former DARPA time traveller Andrew D. Basiago visited British Columbia in September 2011 to deliver a keynote address to the Canadian Society of Questers Fall Conference held in Salmon Arm. This column described how "Andy is also one of America’s early time-space explorers. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was a child participant in the time-space exploration program of the US defense-technical community, "Project Pegasus." In that capacity, he was the first American child to teleport and took part in probes to past and future events utilizing time travel technologies then being researched and developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).”

Such reporting again drew its share of controversy, this time in the form of a Facebook comment from retired U.S. Army Colonel John B. Alexander, who remarked that “Obviously there are no limits to crazy.”

Highlights from Mr. Alexander’s military career were loosely portrayed by actor George Clooney in the film The Men Who Stare at Goats. He is widely known as an advocate for Remote Viewing as well as “spoon-bending”, a practice in which kitchen utensils are manipulated through time and space by powers of the mind.

One source goes even further to describe the retired Colonel as the “Penguin” in an informal UFO study group composed of "former and serving officials, scientists, military personnel and television producers from a number of military services and corporations" known as the “Aviary.”

“PENGUIN: John Alexander Ph.D. in Death Sciences [Thanatology], Col., ("Ret."), U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), which is undoubtedly his military cover for the National Security Agency (NSA). Colonel Alexander is director of the Non-Lethal (sic) Weapons Department, Los Alamos National Laboratory [LANL], and has been reportedly involved in counter-intelligence remote-viewing, psychic-warfare, psychotronic and mind-control projects with military/security applications, while maintaining the cover of nonlethal military/crowd control physical-countermeasures research. Dr. Alexander has been serving as a Board Member, (along with INSCOM General Al Stubblebine and INSCOM Major Ed Dames), of PSI-Tech Corporation, involved in proprietary remote-viewing projects for hire.

"2003 Update Note: Colonel John "Penguin" Alexander was spotted last year by this author at a "retired" intelligence officers dinner function at Sixth Army Headquarters, The Presidio, San Francisco. Alexander has gained considerable girth. The Death-Sciences Ph.D. was accompanied by his life-partner, Victoria Lacas, dressed as always in faux-Goth all-black, (which does nothing to dispel rumors circulating in the ufological community about reported interest in sorcery.) This author has been informed that Alexander is head of the Aviary, and that the Aviary is headquartered at Los Alamos.

"This author has heard from a source that one or more members of the Aviary are believed to have been a party to MILABS operations, (rogue military-intelligence units’ kidnapping, interrogation, terrorizing, gang-raping, drugging, and hypnotic mind-control programming of innocent civilians, and then implanting a false post-hypnotic "memory" that the episode was an "alien abduction".)"

This reporter’s conclusion: visits to Canada from courageous American leaders in Truth and Disclosure are GOOD; public smear campaigns by former military intelligence officers acting as agents of CIA-inspired agendas questioning the sanity of whistleblowers are UGLY.

What were your favorite 2011 Vancouver UFO news stories?  Send your contributions to for inclusion in a future article.

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