Agent Mulder of "The X-Files" fame wasn't a speaker at Sunday's Paranormal Symposium at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Even so, there was no shortage of talk about aliens from a group of 20 or so folks — "X-Files" fans or not — who fervently believe the truth is out there.

"There's been more than one alien civilization that's been here, observing," said Dave Pares, a UNO professor of geography and meteorology. "They are here now, observing."

Pares spoke at a Sunday afternoon session about how UFOs travel in space. He said there are several possible ways to do it: through a wormhole, using dark matter or nuclear fusion, for instance.

"It's like in 'Star Trek,' " Pares joked.

The annual event, in its third year, began Saturday with a focus on ghosts and paranormal phenomena. Sunday was all about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

The symposium is designed to look at logical, scientific and rational explanations of UFOs and other phenomenon.

The event was presented by the University of Nebraska at Omaha Paranormal Society and the UNO UFO Study Group.

An interesting moment came Sunday afternoon when Pares described seeing a UFO in New York's Catskill Mountains in 1969. A woman in the audience, who declined to be identified or interviewed, raised her hand and said she had spotted a UFO that same year on Long Island in New York.

"I want to talk to you," Pares told the woman. "This is very interesting."

Pares said the night before the sighting, he and his father were watching the local news when it aired a story about some kids seeing crop circles and people in silver suits walking around a field.

"We started laughing and said we didn't believe in that stuff," Pares said.

The next day, he said, he saw the spaceship.

"It changed my life," he said.

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