(KXTV/CNN) – Apparently, it wasn't just fireworks lighting up the skies over northern California on New Year's Eve. Several people reported seeing mysterious flying objects.

Steven Brown watched it over Sacramento.

"Well, we saw it right through the trees," Brown said. "It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it."

Hans Mauth spotted it over Auburn.

"It kind of approached from over in that direction and came across kind of slow," Mauth said.

Did they see the same thing that Kaye Pinlac saw in Stockton?

"Pretty much right above this palm tree here," Pinlac said.

He says he captured multiple objects on his iPhone.

"I seen like six bright orange colored lights, Pinlac said. "And they were almost like in a diamond or triangle shape. It was weird. And so they started just separating."

And not just northern California, someone posted a video from the Hollywood Hills on Youtube of multiple glowing objects out there among the New Year's Eve fireworks.

In Auburn, Hans and his wife Terry saw it a few hours earlier than the other sightings.

"There was no sound," Terry Mauth said. "That's the funny thing."

"Or the lights, the usual lights," Hans Mauth said.

"No sound, no blinking lights, just this big illuminated form," Terry Mauth said.

"And whatever it was moved up and to the left," Brown said. "It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, and then it took off at a high rate of speed out of sight directly away from us and just disappeared."

Of course, people look for a rational explanation for UFO sightings.

A 2008 sighting over the Sacrament Valley turned out to be an airplane with an electric sign under the wings.

A year later, it was determined that a mysterious flashing light near Placerville was arcing power lines.

There has yet to be a rational explanation for explanation for what people saw on New Year's Eve all across California.

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UFO sightings over northern California reported on New Year's Eve