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BOUNTIFUL (ABC 4 News) - On Sunday night Scott Forman was driving home with his family when he spotted some strange lights in the sky over Mueller Park in Bountiful.  Recently, ABC4 has received a number of phone calls and emails about UFOs and Scott may have found an answer as to what these strange light in the sky really are.

Remember THIS?  It was a bunch of unexplained lights in the sky near Lehi just over a year ago.  Well, this is what Scott saw Sunday night, and at first, he thought for sure it was a UFO.

"Yeah, it's because they're not making much noise and they're not fireworks and they don't look like flares from any kind of aircraft," said Scott Forman.

But the next morning he found what looked like a tissue paper balloon at the neighborhood bus stop.  So could that thing really be what people have been guessing about for over a year now?

"Yeah, I think so," said Forman. "With the coloring and the lights and how they behaved what else could it have been?"

How about aliens?

"That's the million dollar question," Forman said. "Sometimes you see stuff and sometimes it's explainable and sometimes it is not."

Don't forget, if you ever see something strange like this, make sure you take a picture or video and sent it to

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