Spooked ... residents spotted UFO
Spooked ... shocked residents captured footage of the UFO


RESIDENTS in a US town were stunned when they spotted a BLUE.F.O hovering in the night sky.


The noiseless orb jerked around in the sky for about 15 minutes before zooming off.


The bright coloured object was seen by a number of people in Centreville, on the outskirts of Washington, Virginia.


Bryan Fains managed to capture it on camera.


Spooked Bryan said: "The light was so bright, at night time. It would stop [in the sky] and then go back.


"At one point it stopped and then went up. I thought it was a UFO.


"You only see this type of stuff in the movies.


"Just as long as we are here, I'm sure there are other people, or things, here."


Bryan, who lives close to Dulles Airport, said he didn't think the object was a plane, adding: "I've never seen a blue light flying around before."

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11.09.2010 (1261 days ago)
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