UFO Sightings: UFO hovers over Knotts Berry Farm, wonder where to next? What does it looks like in this night sky? This must have been the question in the mind of Ryan Boon, a resident of Buena Park who claims to have seen a UFO while he was waiting in a queue to take a ride in the Xcelerator rollercoaster at the Knotts Berry Farm. With this incident adding one more count in the rapidly increasing UFO sight incidents, there is a need to to figure out whats really happening.


Boone who took a photograph of the strange dot-like lighting which appeared triangular in shape , was amused by what he discovered while in the park. "This photo is extremely creepy," added Boone to his excitement over the snap which he took using his iPhone.


The Beverly Hills resident, Boone aged 31 himself never trusted any such incidents in the past. But this time as he noticed the mysterious event on his own, he is completely befuddled, “"At first I thought it had to be a glare, but there was nothing in the sky to glare off of," explained Boone .He laughingly expressed, “"I've never been a believer in UFOs until I took this photo and saw it with my own eyes."


The original photo provided by Boone has been posted on NBCLA as sent by him.The image not at all has been doctored and clearly depicts a shiny triangular object above the rollercoaster.Interestingly, this is not a first UFO catching incident over the Farm and Buena Park.


NBCLA claims to have sent the photo to the Federal Aviation Authority for its review over the matter.


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10.29.2010 (1404 days ago)
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UFO hovers over Knotts Berry Farm, wonder where to next?