by Jim Kane

A UFO buzzed a film crew, while they were shooting footage of base jumper Richard Henderson, moments before the daredevil suffered a bizarre accident in which he could have perished.

This video is absolutely startling, and raises some very compelling questions. Was this merely a conventional airplane, or some type of flying saucer? Why would aliens be interested in watching a base jumper?

Richard was practicing his maneuvers on a crossbar erected atop a cliff in Norway. The television production crew was several feet away, capturing footage while Richard spun around on the bar. You can view the video here.

You can clearly see some type of flying craft, or UFO, zoom through the camera frame, ascending in altitude from left to right. Literally, one or two seconds later, the crossbar collapses, sending Henderson careening over the cliff. Thankfully, Richard was wearing a parachute, and activated it before hitting the ground below.

But, what was that UFO? It appears to be oval-shaped, and was flying at an extraordinarily high rate of speed, which would rule out the possibility of it being a weather balloon. There's no chance it was a helicopter.

Is this some type of hoax? It would be a pretty sick joke, if the camera crew had planned a fake accident just to fool the public. It doesn't seem possible they would do that. What is your opinion about this bizarre incident?



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10.17.2012 (685 days ago)
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