UFO Sighting in Phoenix Explained? No Surprise There. After the UFO sightings in New York, Texas, Florida, Phoenix is next to join the league. Reports of unidentified flying objects have been in news for quite some time now. Residents of Phoenix Arizona have reported of Mysterious Lights in Sky.


The residents from the northwest Valley have seen lights in the sky on Saturday night, as was reported on ABC 15. The mysterious sightings have lead to speculations that if the light were coming from a plane, a balloon or a UFO.

One of the eyewitness in an email stated that she saw “what looked like 2 meteors falling from the sky, with flames and sparks trailing behind them, began turning and moving. Lights were going off and on, the flames and sparks would come and go.” The explanation about the lights has come rather much quickly, and not one, but two explanations were offered.

The Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Scott Walker had ended the suspense saying that the lights were coming from the parachute exercises, in the Deer Valley area. Walker however was not sure which group was performing the exercises. The images of the light did not appear to be similar as the "Phoenix Lights" and the famous triangular formation as seen on March 13, 1997.

The later explanation comes from the U.S. Air Force, who identified the lights as flares that came from the Barry Goldwater Range. This is also the official explanation for the incident.

The sights of UFO are getting more and more popular with the passing of each day, involving new places and new witnesses. The reports have come from the Far East China, to the New York City to Texas and now Phoenix. Just in case if these actually were UFOs, are they aliens making us aware of their existence.

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10.26.2010 (1404 days ago)
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