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Two German tourists caught an image of a UFO flying over the Greek Island of Crete. The object was seen during the day as the witnesses were driving towards Balos Beach, Gramvousa in Crete on August 19. The Greek press has just found out about this story.

Taking a snap shot of an unidentified flying object was the last thing on the German's minds when they went out driving on a sunny day in Greece this past August. They saw some goats and wanted to take a picture of the animals. The tourists only noticed the air craft when they were looking over their photographs later on. The couple said that they had no idea the object was above them and they didn't hear any sounds.

Digital Journal reports that the female witness stated, "We could not believe what we saw, such a strange shape. We immediately started discussing possibilities to define what it could be, but had no idea. We didn't notice anything was in the sky when I took the shot. We didn't experience anything strange. It was a warm, sunny day, but there was a strong wind out of the Northeast. There was no sound."

What makes this story even more interesting and believable is that the photograph doesn't seem to have been tampered with and it appears to be authentic.

Usually these strange flying objects appear over Mexico, England, and specific parts of the US but rarely is it heard that they fly over Greece as well. Capturing this object on film might be even more proof that the Earth is being watched and possibly studied by intelligent alien life forms. Who knows for sure but odd flying space crafts have been seen by many people all over the world recently.

Is this a real UFO flying over Crete? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.


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UFO Sighted Over Greek Island of Crete (Video)