An unidentified woman in Lawrence, Kentucky has reported seeing a UFO flying overhead, with several military-style jets in hot pursuit. The incident occurred Saturday evening at about 7 p.m., but sadly there are no videos or photos to go along with it.


If there was some visual proof of the sighting, it would obviously be much easier to analyze the encounter. Still, this eyewitness, who goes by the initials "L.B.," seems pretty credible. She said the mysterious craft was diamond-shaped, and was emitting an orange/yellow glow.


Here's what the woman had to say: "It was exciting, yet so scary. Not even a minute later, we witnessed several military planes, headed in the same direction. These planes were moving much slower than what, we're positive, was a UFO. The planes just kept coming."


There's been a significant uptick in reports of paranormal activity during the last two years. It's interesting that the lights are almost described as being orange or yellow. This can't be a coincidence. People scoff at the notion of UFOs, but it's highly likely there is intelligent life elsewhere than in the universe.



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  •  Kybasser: 
    I came here looking for stuff about strange sounds and aerial sounds around Western KY and Southern IN. I live in the western third of the state, and for the last month, maybe two, we have been hearing what we believed were the strip mines blasting. But what had us confused is that the strip mines had been closed. Then a couple of nights ago, I and my wife, heard what sounded like an extremely loud jet engine flying overhead at a low altitude. How low, I have no idea. But in the last couple of days, we've been reading about people in Owensboro, KY also hearing these "booms" and also have learned they have been featured on the local news out of Evansville, IN. I kind of thought, with the proximity of Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, and some Forts over in IL, I figured we must be hearing sonic booms. But I know it is illegal for military planes to create sonic booms over populated areas. So what gives? I know this is the first post, if it goes through. Hopefully someone will have further information. I'll be checking back.
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