by Linda Shaw


A UFO around the sun might be linked to the December 21, 2012 doomsday, say researchers, who claim that the objects could hold "reptilian aliens" that need extreme heat and light to survive.


Apparently, as 12/21/12 gets closer, the theories surrounding the supposed end date of the world are going to get stranger and stranger.


There have been an increase in sightings around the sun recently, but NASA has not discussed what these unidentified objects are or why they are on the rise. The first sighting was back in 2010 and was reported by Russian scientists.


"Perhaps [they are] harvesting something from the sun or perhaps [they are] a race of reptilian aliens that need the intense sunlight to survive. Either way, NASA is not about to discuss these UFOs even though they were first reported back in 2010 by Russian scientists," said a UFO spotting website.


While it is interesting that the phenomenon has increased as December 21, 2012 approaches, couldn't the unidentified objects just be space junk or pieces of asteroids? There really is no definitive answer as to why they're appearing or what they are, but if they do have anything to do with the Mayan doomsday prophecy, everyone will know it in about 16 days' time!



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    These items spotted around the sun are fairly regular, generally consistent in appearance (they don't look like random acts of nature) and when taken into context with their location, just way too big to be a Chinese lantern. To date, NASA has never made much effort to identify or explain them... which could be that they are too busy looking for a new job since the current administration began gutting their employer, or because they don't want to say out loud what we just did here.
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