Wikileaks has been on everyone’s lips for the last few months. Besides the leaking of information, which shows subterfuge in the governments and how they operate.  The biggest question in my mind is the quantity of documents that Julian Assange collected. This quantity seems to indicate to me that there is dissent high up in many government circles world wide, that are not happy with the way things are being run. These documents are not the kind of item someone low on the totem pole could have collected. This smacks to me more of an inside organisation that was prepared to hand over the information to be made public. The sheer volume alone would take years for one person to acquire. I am well aware that Julian Assange and Wikileaks distributed the information but then he is a journalist and that is his business.


People seem to be so focused on Wikileaks they tend to forget the volume involved. This people, is not one man outside of government. Remember Julian Assange isn’t an American, he is Australian. These leaks do not involve one country even. They involve major companies, secret phone conversations, cables, as well as insider meetings globally.  This is an organization not just Wikileaks. This is a global organization but what their intent is I am not so sure. I don’t feel it is benevolent.


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01.02.2011 (1338 days ago)
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