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Newsletter - March 08, 2013    ||     Issue #002

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In This Issue

- What's New
- Newest Government Documents (FOIA Releases)
- Recent News Articles
- Eye on the Forums
- Feedback

What's New

The Black Vault is continuing to grow with it's social network reach.  I need YOUR HELP to help pass the word about the resource, and get more people involved.  There are some amazing things planned for the near future, and you'll see new content and additions every DAY to the site.

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The Black Vault has also recently launched it's own hotline... wherein you can call 24/7 and voice your opinions, comments, criticism, and praise.  You can reach me directly at 1-805-32-VAULT.  You can also dial the hotline for FREE by allowing Google to connect you. Just head to and click on the CALL ME button under the "Follow and Connect with The Black Vault" heading on the left side.


Newest Government documents (FOIA Releases)


The following are the newest document additions and categories that were updated on The Black Vault:


Recent News Articles

Here are some of the recent news articles that appear daily on The Black Vault:

Eye on the Forums

Here are the last 10 most recent message forum threads:

  1. Eric Holder on decision day: the country will be less safe
  2. McCain, Graham support Obama, Holder
  3. How the White House silenced gun control groups
  4. Russian Leader Demands Investigation of Chavez’ Death
  5. Conspiracy-Fueled Anti-Government Patriot Groups Explode
  6. The word "tolerance" is being huge irritant for me...
  7. Health and Safety Courses for Effective Safety Management
  8. crystal pyramid discovered in bermuda triangle
  9. Hello member here.
  10. Eric Holder: Drone strikes on U.S. soil are LEGAL



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