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What's New


There is quite a bit that is new on The Black Vault since my last email update.  First, today, I launched what I am calling "The Social Network Buzz" on The Black Vault.

This means, The Black Vault Message Forums, the News Articles, the FOIA documents, and the Case File Database, are now completed integrated into the most popular social networking platforms, which includes Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail.

You are able to use these accounts listed above to post on the forums . If you have a Black Vault account, I recommend posting in the forums as you usually do. However, this new feature allows those that do not choose to register for a FREE Black Vault account to use the forums, and post their comments, ideas, etc in "The Social Network Buzz" on the bottom of each thread.

That said, you also have the ability to "Recommend" and "Share" each topic to your friends on Facebook.

This will help considerably pass the word about this resource. As you may not know, there has been a huge surge of Facebook traffic here to The Black Vault. These new features will help continue the growth of The Black Vault - and make the resource even more valuable for those that utilize it.

Please feel free to post any comments, questions or suggestions on this thread about this feature. I am still considering this a "testing" phase, and hope you will all try out the features and let me know how they work.



Recent News Articles


Here are some of the recent news articles that appear daily on The Black Vault:


Hoax Artist Behind 'UFO Over Santa Clara' Clip Explains How It Was

Eye on the Forums


Here are the last 10 most recent message forum threads:


  1. Oscar Pistorius shoots and kills girlfriend
  2. Valentine's Day
  3. Meteorite EXPLODES over Russia
  4. Mohamed Morsi is an American puppet in charge of Egypt.
  5. five gun companies are refusing service to NY
  6. It is now racist to be patriotic?
  7. ‘Young’ black hole is nearby, NASA says
  8. Dorner
  9. What if gov't debt were your debt?
  10. FACT CHECK: Overreaching in State of Union speech





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