In the past 6 months - letters and sighting submissions to The Black Vault have increased DRAMATICALLY.  It is amazing to hear your feedback, and try to answer all the questions that I receive.

However, it gets difficult with zero staff - and only being 1 person - to maintain it all.  

So, I have created an online Communication Center to more easily organize, keep track, keep, and of course respond to questions and feedback.  In fact, I even set it up so you can go ahead and submit a sighting report, ask a question, or just offer some feedback directly to me at The Black Vault.

It will also save our messages back and forth with each other, allows you to attach files, and so much more.  It's a fun and very cool system to use - and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

To contact The Black Vault, simply head to this URL: and simply follow the on-screen instructions. 

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11.12.2013 (156 days ago)
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