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By Mike Szymanski


Always around Independence Day there seems to be a bunch of unusual sightings in the skies over Studio City. (See these videos from last year.)

Steve Murillo, the state director of the Mutual UFO Network in Los Angeles, who helps investigate these claims, told Studio City Patch on Tuesday that he's taking these sightings seriously, and wondered if our readers have spotted anything, or recorded the sightings, as they have with past incidents. (See the triangle!)

There were things seen in the sky in Burbank and Sylmar areas on July 1, Sunday night.

"Perhaps we can find a couple more witnesses," Murillo said. The voluntary MUFON group offers an investigation of these incidents with a "healthy skepticism" and publishes their field investigations in an extensive database (click here.)

The case was first reported by National UFO Examiner Roger Marsh in this compelling story (click here for full report.) They provided the images attached above.

The witness report reads:

My roommate and I were in the car; I was driving us to Fresh 'n Easy grocery store, heading northwest on Sparks St. in Burbank, CA, approaching the Olive Avenue intersection.

Between the trees, we each saw directly ahead hovering just west of the mountain ridge line four extremely bright bluish-white lights resembling field lights, in a row but hovering and with no supporting structure. No object was visible; just the lights. This mountain ridge line lies between Sylmar and Santa Clarita. The row of lights did not appear to move. We could only see the lights for the briefest of moments, because as we drove through the intersection at Olive Ave., our view of the mountain was blocked by nearby buildings. It would've been approx. 17 miles from our location in Burbank to that spot. If the lights were actually located next to the mountain ridge as they appeared, they would've been roughly over Interstate 5 in the New Hall Pass.

Reporter Raymond Samuels also wrote about the sightings and reported that similar "holographic-like bluish lights" were seen a few days before in New Mexico.

For anyone who might have seen something about this particular event, the field investigator assigned to the case is Alex Mistretta, at  (323) 251-0634.

The Southern California MUFON meetings take place monthly in Studio City at the Unitarian Universalist Church. The next meeting is taking place at a bigger location at the Beverly Garland Hotel.

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