by Chris Matyszczyk

A good hearty conspiracy theory can shine a sharp light on two of humanity's most enduring traits.

One, of course, is humanity's boundless imagination. The other is humanity's essential suspicion of humanity.

So while you might be deeply immersed in Bill Nye's explanation of the Russian meteorite, those with darker sensibilities have filled the Web with their fears and hauntings about the phenomenon.

There are few nations with greater awareness of dark sensibilities than Russia. The fact that there seems to be little evidence of meteorite fragments on the ground has encouraged some Russians to offer their own suspicions.

As the Toronto Globe and Mail reports, nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky hasn't been slow to offer something of a Hot War perspective.

"It's not meteors falling. It's a new weapon being tested by the Americans," he was quoted as saying.

We know from our recent experience of North Korea that weapons testing is an imprecise science.

But if you were an American in the mood to test a weapon, would Chelyabinsk, Russia, be your very first choice of place for the experiment?

Perhaps Tallahassee; Area 51; and Bialystok, Poland, were all unavailable due to prior commitments. Or perhaps it wasn't the Americans, but, say, the North Koreans, who mistook Chelyabinsk for, say, Chelsea.

Zhirinovsky's rather emotionally manipulative offering was countered by Russia's Emergency Ministry, which dedicated itself to an extensive rebuttal of his belief (and that of others) that this was some sort of military thing. The rebuttal? "Rubbish."

But that wasn't going to put off the local media, was it? Not only do they have papers to sell, they also have theories to expound to a troubled nation and world.

So, as The Atlantic reports, the local Znak newspaper accepted that this was a meteorite but insisted the explosion was caused by military defense blowing it up.

Yes, of course it has a source in the military. You thought it didn't?

Though I've watched a few movies in which exciting things happen, I don't find it easy to imagine that some sort of terrestrially created missile-laden aircraft could really explode a meteorite in such a manner.

It is easier to imagine, though, that politicians like Zhirinovsky might take the opportunity to foment a little rage.

Indeed, Alex Jones' infamously well-guarded Infowars site offered that Zhirinovsky insisted that America -- in the person of Secretary of State John Kerry -- had tried to give Russia advance notice of its "attack."

The Drudge Report led me to a piece at Foreign Policy that explained that Sergey Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, simply hadn't called Kerry back.

Which all suggests that Russia isn't, after all, living in fear of an attack from the U.S. Especially one over Chelyabinsk.

On balance, I prefer to currently believe Nye. He is the science guy, after all. And science guys know scientific events when they see them.

I hope.


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    There is also a "similar conspiracy" in the western world, that will be the "topic of discussion" in the book by MR JOSHUA BETHEL, and I am merely pointing out, that the entire world, is "fornicating with these babylonian kings" and at one time they even put the very ASSASSINS themselves under tribute, because their "organizational structure" was such that "killing one leader" would not disable them, therefore they were never attacked, by the Assassins, because they figured it would be "useless" to do so, also the Assassins at one time created fear in the hearts of Western Kings, even to this very day, there are people who because of their "so called religious beliefs", go on murder sprees, but the future will show it is those "secret combinations" that for the most part are responsible for most of the "secretive violence" in the world, while "open violence" is often the result of "secret oppression"!
     554 days ago 
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    Another story goes of a "preacher" of Islam preaching against this "ASSASSIN" conspiracy and getting a message from the Aga Khan that went like this:

    It was deposited in a chest with GOLD COINS, and this was the message next to a dagger, which no doubt had Jewels on it as well,


    YOU CAN EITHER HAVE THE GOLD OR THE DAGGER, which one would you prefer?
     554 days ago 
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    So that you understand that indeed a "conspiracy" exists in Pakistan, the leader of which recently had "himself weighed" against Diamonds, which may well explain some of the "terrorist actions" that are going on in the world, clearly this "conspiracy" derives itself from the KING of the mountain, the old Shiite as he was called, and the people who belong to that conspiracy are known in Pakistan as the Aga Khanis, and I did speak to a very reliable source that told me that when the Aga Khan visits, the women in that organization, spread out their hair on the floor, and the Aga Khan walks over their hair, strange customs to us, perhaps but I heard that is a common practice because the Aga Khan does help a lot of folks establish themselves in business, but their origin is indeed clear, at one time, the very "Kaliph of Islam" decided to come against the "OLD KING" of the mountain and he made the mistake of "having a rest in his tent" at night in the morning he found some cold pancakes, with a message in the form of a dagger close to his heart,
    it was a "very nice gesture" from the Aga Khan of old, you mess with me boy, and you might find that "it may well be dangerous to your health", it might cause you severe "heart burn" and perhaps bleeding, needless to say the KALIPH decided to "break off his campaign" write an apology and never set foot in his "mountainous retreat" again!

    These people are also known as the HASHASHINS, because they used to use Hashish or Opium to travel in their sleep all over the world as also Mary Baker Eddy reported in her own book, Science and Health with key to the scriptures!
     554 days ago 
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    There are of course "interesting conspiracy theories" but now for some conspiracy facts:

    a) THERE IS INDEED A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, and it is mentioned in the holy scriptures as a "covenant with death and with hell"!
    b)It is described as coming from the "first murder" on the planet and it states that this first murder involved a "satanic covenant" therefore the "covenant with death and hell" for that is a "synomym" for Satan!
    c) This organization is also referred to as a "secret combination" sometime associated with "secretive kings" who seek to overthrow other kings, and therefore "CONSPIRE WITH EVIL FORCES" IN THE UNIVERSE TO establish a new government based on "secretive conspiracy" instead of meeting the enemy head on and "vanquishing them in an open battle" they simply "assassinate the existing king or government" and rule in their stead!
    d) IT IS STATED IN HOLY WRIT, and I quote:

    Therefore I would that you should "awake to a sense of your awful state" because of this "secret combination" that shall be among you, and in the writings of modern day kings, this is admitted to be a "combination that is known only to a few", same thing, just called differently for if it is indeed "known only to a few" then of course, it must be secret, don't you all agree, while if it was known to many or all, then most certainly the secret would be compromised, and it would no longer be a secret, but a "well known fact" that is known to everyone, therefore the "continued harassment" by the SECRET COMBINATION of "FRIENDLY UFOS" by sending military aircraft to chase them out of their airspace, is really "annoying" but we put up with it, otherwise we would not just send "one meteor" but a whole boatload of them, BE WARNED, we may not always be that reticent" for the "STARS SHALL FALL FROM THE HEAVENS" is one possible "END TIME SCENARIO" this does not mean it is the End of the world, yet, BUT WE ARE GETTING CLOSER BY THE DAY and when that "secret combination is indeed exposed and abolished" then perhaps WORLDLINESS, as this organization has lodges that are "secular of this world and worldly", will no longer be the "RULING PARTY"!
     554 days ago 
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    This is not Spam, I am merely explaining to everyone that it is necessary to continue to prod the president to release information that he has in his possession!
     561 days ago 
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